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You logically group applications and infrastructure by the business capabilities they primarily support. How will our IT modernization enable and enhance these capabilities? Companies can then select and combine services from a range of best-in-class providers, within an overall framework that suits the organizations unique needs. What are the critical steps in our migration to a new system? GE followed the model of smartphone apps, but on an enterprise scale. In this context, your companys legacy IT system, which seemed so capable a few years ago, is rapidly becoming obsolete. Progress was tied to explicit deadlines and goals, including reduce quarter close time by 50 percent and cut 40 percent in IT expenditures. Each milestone also included progress toward a predetermined set of core business needs: expanding market share, automating processes, deploying common platforms, rethinking shared services, and ensuring quick wins. Theyre all in scope. if(year<1000) year+=1900 As the technologies changed, PwC helped OPS put in place a strong and collaborative change management process, along with providing expertise in cybersecurity and public safety, to create confidence that the technical solutions were appropriate for use given the many regulatory, privacy, and security considerations. How can we best simplify our technology systems environment? Questions for taking an agile and user-centric approach: Before commencing modernization, perform a careful analysis of the breadth and diversity of resources needed for a successful outcome. The same was true of new marketing tools and the new network for linking branches. They involve learning how to design systems more effectively, engage individuals, and help facilitate constructive change throughout the enterprise. We are all familiar with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in hospital operations. The POS system ensures that each time an item is sold, one of that item is removed from the inventory count, creating a closed information loop between all departments.

Recognizing the long-term relationships they would need to stand up Brightside, ATB's leaders were very deliberate in the way they evaluated vendors. In the end, more than 150 police officers regularly contributed ideas. For example, your sales and service staff can reconfigure your customer engagement systems as the market changes. Wed love your input. Already, users expect as much from their enterprise software. Organizations must remain focused on their competitive edge. Questions for selecting a trustworthy partner with shared values: In modernizing your companys technology, your goal is an effective and sustainable vehicle for strategic success. Its better to be incomplete and rapid than complete and slow, as long as you obtain system user feedback frequently and let that feedback guide you to shift your direction. Engagement on that scale isnt easy, but it is essential. The information can be used to track profitability over time, maximize return on investment and identify areas of improvement. The result was often a complex network of technologies: fit for purpose in each individual application, but difficult to adapt, refresh, and integrate. The systems modernization you need today is more than an upgrade; youre playing a new game with new rules, in which you modernize not just the tools and functions, but the way you do IT. //--> This leads to a short-term focus that can distract efforts from the most important goal: building the capabilities that deliver value. You might track peoples behavior on your system by monitoring keystrokes, through surveys, or through direct observation of users struggling with the prompts on their screens or smartphones. Think of your systems modernization initiative as an opportunity to energetically improve these capabilities, drawing on your digital expertise. For example, Inditex (the Spanish apparel company best known for its retail brand Zara) has long had distinctive capabilities in customer insight, fashion-forward product design, rapid-response manufacturing, and globally consistent branding. safety culture cultivate positive reinforcement behaviors negative ishn 422px c5 Or you may need to modernize some legacy systems as a prerequisite for improving time-to-market for product launches. Thischallenger bank Brightside is designed to provide a unique value proposition to a group of consumers that ATB believes is underserved: digital-native and digital-savvy customers. All rights reserved. Faced with a confusing menu of reporting frameworks and methodologies, companies must seek to find out what matters to their stakeholders now. var year = today.getYear() A major transportation company revamped its online system this way, improving the integration between the website that handled passenger bookings and the back-office functions that, among other things, routed travel. Lets further explore some major categories where technology plays a leading role. They can tell you about the readiness of your organization to change, the places where resistance will occur, and the magnitude of effort required to overcome resistance. Questions for adopting a services mind-set: Just as successful transformation is a staged journey, so too are systems modernization efforts. Then you find the necessary applications and hardware needed to fill the gaps in those capabilities, and (better yet) to refine and expand your conception of those capabilities, staying steps ahead of competitors. The leaders at GE Digital exploited this when they designed themodular platform that they use in-house and for customers such as airlines. From multi-national corporations who maintain mainframe systems and databases to small businesses that own a single computer, IT plays a role. The days of large file rooms, rows of filing cabinets and the mailing of documents is fading fast. We have distilled 10 principles that are common to successful efforts. Consider procuring a managed services and solutions provider with which to partner; they may be more familiar with the newer technologies and thus able to deliver more quickly and effectively than you can. How technologically capable is our existing workforce? Your organizations customer-facing products and services are central in this approach (its sometimes called the product managementbased IT operating model [pdf]). sahel famine drought climate globe clink Release an MVP to a small group of employees or customers, and ask those early adopters for responses or better yet, observe them using the system. How corporate leaders can avoid value-destroying M&A. Which IT investments are linked to the greatest return?

The vendors are largely the same, but the options and principles of the past no longer apply.

What are the essential technology services we provide to our organization? Who needs to be part of our own powerful guiding coalition? Now it also has an integrated onlineoffline inventory capability, so that any clerk in a Zara store can instantly locate a garment in a specified size and color, and arrange for it to be shipped directly to a customer giving the company strengths in customer satisfaction that few other retailers can match. Seize those opportunities. Watch the video below to better understand just how much technology affects every aspect of an organization. What aspects of our existing systems are constraining our speed with respect to change? Modernization efforts must create value for the enterprise. While this can be avoided by setting aside technology when you are off work, some companies now expect an immediate response to questions or concerns.

For a large insurance provider in Australia, the critical starting point for modernization was to create cultural acceptance of the idea decommission the oldand embrace the new. To achieve this, the technology leadership provided a strong mandate for simplification, and communicated it consistently.

Because of its ability to streamline operating costs, technology delivers instant access to supplies and information, so businesses are better able to offer affordable pricing of goods and services without sacrificing quality. He is a regular contributor for a number of travel and business magazines and marketing websites, including "OutPost Magazine," "Report on Business" and several insurance trade publications. Most IT modernization efforts are organized by project; they are short-lived efforts, framed by conventional enterprise software categories, and budgeted and delivered through development teams that disband when the project is complete. Seven imperatives for moving beyond digital, Culture: Transformations invisible enabler, Dentsu Internationals pursuit of a more conscious consumerism, A Guide to Modernizing Your Companys Technology, The four building blocks of transformation, HQ 2.0: The next-generation corporate center, The Critical Few: Energize Your Companys Culture by Choosing What Really Matters, The Four Building Blocks of Transformation, product managementbased IT operating model, Six reasons successful leaders love questions, When the real problem isnt the obvious one. Questions for putting customer value first: As organizations have evolved over the past 10 years, the underlying architecture of information technology has tended to evolve with them, often in a haphazard and as-needed fashion.

If you dont get this right, not only could the project fail, but the switching costs could be substantial. Also contributing to this article were PwC Canada partner Stovel Ferguson, PwC Australia partner Jane Livesey, and PwC US director Alexis Hall. The rate of change in technology is as much today as any time in my experience, says 40-year tech veteran Andrew S. Grove, from Intel Corp. Some companies even operate strictly online and do not require a brick and mortar workplace. Think about how well those systems support their own distinctive capabilities, especially those that would benefit you as their customer. by Rohit Antao, Will Perry, and Mark Moffat, by Al Kent, David Lancefield, and Kevin Reilly, by Deniz Caglar, Vinay Couto, and Maureen Trantham. However, there are advantages to becoming more technology-driven, such as: Todays economy is arguably technologically driven, so technology-driven organizations are likely the ones to be the most successful. Your goal is to find companies that can deliver mutual benefits and with which you can develop a working relationship that involves mutual commitment and creative collaboration as well as a fair deal. These documents become instantly available to everyone in the company, regardless of their geographical location.