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West Texas Gas (WTG) along with its subsidiary WTG Gas Marketing (WTGGM) feel that it is important to offer our agricultural, commercial, industrial, and city gate customers flexible pricing options. barrel racers odessa american rodeo plenty riding run file The previous plan set a target date of 2050 for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the city; the new plan moves that date to 2040. Copyright 2022 CenterPoint Energy - Always There . Answers to the questions we receive most often. Several types of organizations provide water service in Texas. If you have complaints about your utility provider, call the Public Utility Commission of Texas at 888-782-8477, or email customer@puc.texas.gov. Telephonic communication is preferred in order to achieve a more rapid conclusion of the complaint or inquiry. The above list may be incomplete or out of date. However, even if your company has paused shutoffs or helped you with deferment, you must eventually pay your bills. In order to provide the safest level of service possible, however, we need your assistance.

You may also wish to contact the Water Supply Division at theTexas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ) with questions about water quality and service. Box 13326, Austin, TX 78711-3326 odessa tavarez ohs ariane WTG has the tools and information to help you manage energy more efficiently at your home. Who do I call? Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau The normal process is to give the company an opportunity to resolve the complaint before the TARA office escalates. If a city provides your power, you can contact them with any concerns you have regarding service or billing. To serve you better please select from the list of service areas below to see relevant CenterPoint Energy information. Share ideas online about improving Austin. My landlord shut off my utilities. You can also apply for help paying your utility bill at: Learn about internet assistance programs and affordable options. Or, Cancel to learn more about CenterPoint Energy. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Written responses are prepared when the investigator feels that a written response is needed to clarify the matter in question or when Commission or Legislative Officials request a statement of facts in the matter. No, your landlord cannot shut off your utilities. TARA provides assistance to electric utility customers (other than Austin Energy) and gas customers with complaints, questions, and concerns. For questions and concerns regarding service and billing, unrestored easement post-construction repair or work: If you reside in Houston and your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact the City of Houston for unresolved complaints regarding the Citys regulated utilities, Phonoscope Cable, as well as any complaints regarding unrestored rights-of-way post-construction work.

By using this website, you agree not to sell or make a profit in any way from any information or forms that you obtained through this website. Will you join your friends and neighbors to support our work and mission? in your browser settings to successfully view our site. What now? Go to Help for Texansto search for other local programs that can give emergency utility assistance. In addition to Texas Utility Help, the following programs exist to help people pay utilities: This list is likely incomplete, so you may want to check with your local government or utility provider to see if they have additional programs. The PUC oversees electric companies and may be able to assist you. I have a widely different perspective on what is affordable and I think a lot of their other customers would too.. In the complaint he filed with the Texas Railroad Commission, which oversees Texas Gas Service, Robbins noted that tens of thousands of other customers likely got the same email, but if he were to ask for those email addresses to lobby on behalf of some cause, TGS would likely refuse to provide them because it would violate customers privacy. Robbins, who recently opposed the 13 percent rate increase for Texas Gas Service, concludes that the same rule should apply to the gas company for any online communication that does not involve a narrowly defined business use. Another TGS customer, Julio Gonzalez Altamirano, also got the companys email. Please enable javascript We also offer account self service functions that are available 24/7. Also see theTexas Free Wifi Mapto see if there is free public WiFi in your area. Digital strategy, design, and development byFour Kitchens. Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department, Utility Regulation Note that you will still owe money for unpaid gas bills. Select "Utility Bill Payment Help" and enter your city or county at the bottom of the page. TLSC provides free legal services to underserved Texans in need of education, advice, and representation. They should talk to customers before they talk on behalf of customers, he said. Call: 512.936.7120 or 1.888.782.8477 611 Walker, Houston, Texas 77002 If you have a concern about water quality, service, or billing, you can contact your water supplier directly. The sooner you contact your provider, the better. The OPC provides representation to residential and small commercial consumers in matters involving telephone service as well. In Texas there are three major types of electricity providers: cities, cooperatives, and private companies. Contact the RRC, if you are dissatisfied with and would like to appeal the Citys determination regarding a complaint against CenterPoint Energy Entex. Call 512-974-2999 or via emailto file a complaint for one of these services. Every effort is made to refer the complainant to the appropriate representative at the city level. All Rights Reserved. Email: utilitycomplaint@houstontx.gov. All pertinent information concerning the complaint or inquiry is recorded in the Commissions database. Can they do that? Here is a list of frequently requested telephone numbers: Cable. All rights reserved. Are my utility providers halting shutoffs? Box 12967, Austin, TX 78711-2967 A service provider's failure to comply with the law and rules results in an initiation of the Commissions legal enforcement process. If you have complaints about your utility provider, call the Public Utility Commission of Texas at 888-782-8477, or emailcustomer@puc.texas.gov. Copyright 2016 West Texas Gas. The city of Austin is working on a new Climate Equity Plan. On the PUC website you can find information about the taxes, charges, and fees on your bill for several cellular phone carriers and standard telephone companies.

One of the ways the city wants to lower emissions is to increase Austin Energys use of renewable sources of energy and to reduce emissions from natural gas. For our large volume customers. (If you live in Austin, see theAustin ISD WiFi bus map.). For more help affording internet, see our Internet Access article.

Don't have an online access? But public-service journalism requires community support from readers like you. Cities and co-ops as well as Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) can supply water. We care about your safety, the safety of your family, friends and co-workers. For information on whether your child's school district helps provide access to the internet and online classes, go to the school's website, school district's website, or contact your school administrators. Whether listed here or not, contact your gas provider to ask about programs to keep your gas connected. Customers living within the city limits are advised that the city has original jurisdiction within city limits. Customers are encouraged to contact the utility to file a complaint first. In Texas the natural gas industry is principally overseen by theTexas Railroad Commission(RRC). To report natural gas leaks and for questions or concerns regarding services, billing, unrestored easement post construction and repair work: Investor Owned Water & Sewer Utilities. Email: GasComplaints@rrc.texas.gov, Federal Communications Commission Our office strives to mediate complaints to the citizen's satisfaction in a timely fashion, even if the company no longer has a franchise with the City. How to Request an Attorney General Opinion, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Regardless of the utility, you can file complaints with our office. If you belong to an electric cooperative, you can contact the administrators of the co-op with your concerns. We're a nonprofit news organization, and we put our service to you above all else. He told the Austin Monitor he was frustrated by the idea that Texas Gas Service was lobbying on his behalf. Reduce consumption and save money on your utility bills. Call: 512.463.7164 or 1.877.228.5740 If in doubt, contact your providers. 2019 Legislative Session Update for Victims and Service Providers, 2021 Legislative Session Open Government Update. Contact Your Provider:If you cannot pay your electricitycontact your utility provider. Texas has a complicated patchwork of public and private utility sellers and resellers. Contact your provider to benefit from these programs. The Austin Monitor is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and nonparsitan news organization. Contact them if you have a complaint about your local telephone service. How do I keep my water and electricity connected? The OPC provides representation to residential and small commercial consumers. Power and telephone lines crisscross our neighborhoods, and water and natural gas flow into our homes. That will never change. Contact the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC), the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) or the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): Public Utility Commission of Texas The information and forms available on this website are free. Propane distribution system customers and natural gas customers residing outside the city limits may submit complaints at GasComplaints@rrc.texas.gov, by phone at 512-463-7164 or Online Customer Complaint Form. Jo Clifton is the Politics Editor for the Austin Monitor. These records are maintained for a period of two years. While most providers have resumed shutoffs, many will work with you to set up a payment plan or find assistance. If you have trouble paying your bills,apply for helpand contact your provider. You can contact the RRC with complaints about the billing, purchasing, selling, shipping, transportation, or gathering practices of natural gas providers. TARA is only able to escalate consumer issues with the following utility providers: Texas Gas Service, SiEnergy, Centerpoint Energy, ATMOS Energy, Bluebonnet Electric Co-op, Pedernales Electric Co-op, Spectrum, Grande Communications, AT&T, and Google Fiber. Our Customer Service Department business hours are 7 a.m. to 7p.m., Monday through Friday except holidays. Because co-ops are member-owned, their customers typically need to resolve disputes through the co-op. I asked my electricity provider for a deferment, but they refused. Digital strategy, design, and development by. TheFederal Communications Commissionalso accepts consumer complaints about telephone service. The facts are analyzed in conjunction with a review of applicable law and rules. We are experiencing high call volume and long wait times across all of our service areas. For questions or concerns regarding billing, payment plans, and rate plans. Municipally owned electric companies typically are not overseen by state regulators. When a complaint or inquiry is received, the facts of the matter are determined and discussed with the customers, the service provide and other appropriate parties. Call: 832.393.8591 Fax: 512.936.7003 Email: customer@puc.texas.gov, Railroad Commission of Texas Contact the PUC, if you are dissatisfied with and would like to appeal the Citys determination regarding a complaint with CenterPoint Electric, Entergy, Aqua Texas, Inc. Blue Bell Manor, Champs Water Company, Nitsch & Son Utility Co. and Southern Water.

Many internet providers have programs to help people suffering hardship due to COVID-19. The PUC also regulates land-line phone services. Talking to your company may help avoid late fees or lessen the amount you owe. Fax: 832.393.8517 Please turn on JavaScript and try again. This article has tips to help you pay your utility bills and prevent disconnections. Use of this site constitutes agreement to our Online Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. In If you do not find an answer a question you may have, please contact your local customer service office. I think they might be surprised about what people think is affordable. The browser you are using is out of date and will soon be unsupported. What can I do? Does this mean I won't owe money for utilities? Its possible that you don't have javascript enabled in your browser. Corrective action is monitored to completion.

Copyright 2022 Austin Monitor. Gas Services Division, Market Oversight Section 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20554 PUC Customer Protection While the OAG may be limited in its ability to remedy your complaint, certain conduct may be actionable by our office as well. Electricity (Transmission and Distribution). Weve detected a problem with your browser settings. In today's modern world, these utilities are necessities. Contact the FCC directly to file a complaint regarding internet service, expanded cable services, rates or premium channels. Fax: 1.866.418.0232 For questions, complaints or concerns regarding your utility service or billing, contact the utilitys customer service department. Register today. You can also find telephone billing information, information about telephone service scams, and how to enroll with the Texas no-call list on the PUC website.

You have many payment options when it comes to paying your West Texas Gas bill. The plan specifically says the city wants to keep the rates affordable. Mechanical Contractors & Commercial Distributors. Try our self-service options to manage your account. No. Texas Gas Service, the utility that provides gas to Austin and to many other Texas communities, is telling customers via email that the electrification of new building construction can severely increase costs for local businesses and our customers. Texas Gas Service urges customers to take the city of Austin survey on the climate plan and notes that it is in conversations with city staff and Council offices to express our concerns related to the plan. When environmental activist and consumer advocate Paul Robbins got the email he was concerned that the gas company was using a proprietary email list as a political lobbying tool. Most electric and water providers in Texas must help you defer your bills if you ask. Consumer Complaints

The investigation of complaints or inquiries is conducted in the following manner: Copyright 2022 | Railroad Commission of Texas, Procedure for Filing and Responding to Informal Complaints, Disputes Not Included in the Informal Complaint Procedure, Informal Gas Transportation Purchase Complaint. Propane gas distribution systems include one or more propane storage containers, equipment, and facilities connected to a contiguous piping system through which propane gas is supplied by a distribution system retailer to at least ten customers. If you have a billing dispute that the co-op does not resolve, you can file a consumer complaint with our office. It is thus important to know where to find information about your utilities when you have questions and whom to contact when there's a problem.

Log-in here to find your up to date usage. Maybe. Please update to the latest version or view our site in another browser. They are not for sale. Participating companies have said only that they will temporarily halt shutoffs for nonpayment. Sign in now to get access to your CenterPoint Energy online services to pay your bill, manage communication preferences and more! High call volume causing longer hold times. , you have the power to choose a natural gas supplier. Some schools are also doing their best to provide internet access to students. For non-emergency calls, please use our self-service options to pay your bill, reconnect service or manage your account. For help finding free public internet access, see the Texas Free WiFi Map. If you have questions or concerns about a private electricity provider, you can contact the Public Utility Commission (PUC). Federal Communications Commission This is true even if you are behind on rent. We encourage residents to make contact with the utility provider first before contacting our office to escalate the issue. For more information about municipal electric companies and co-ops, as well as a breakdown of the taxes, fees, and charges on your electric bill, visit the websites of thePUCand theOffice of the Public Utility Counsel(OPC). TexasLawHelp.orgis managed by Texas Legal Services Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are fully-local and cover the important issues and key decisions at the intersection between the local government and the community. For questions and concerns regarding service and billing, low hanging cable wires, unrestored easement post-construction or repair work: Retail Electric Providers. All propane gas distribution system complaints will be handled by the Commission. You can apply for assistance through Texas Utility Help or one of the local programs listed below. Free. I'm confused. P.O. Safety is our number one concern.

Many cities and utility providers have also createdprograms to help with utility bills. Fully-Local Non-Partisan Public-Service Journalism. If you have a billing dispute, you can also file a consumer complaint with our office. My kids need the internet for school, but I can't afford it. P.O. Every effort is made to refer the complainant to the appropriate representative at the city level. E-mail: fccinfo@fcc.gov, Home 311 Help & Info Contact Us FAQs Privacy Policy CitizensNet, contact the utilitys customer service department, Vehicle for Hire Permitting and Enforcement. A full explanation of the conclusions and results of the investigation are conveyed to the customer and the service provider, along with any corrective action required to be taken. Complaints involving imminent threats to public safety are referred to the Pipeline Safety Department for immediate action. Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program, Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), Greater East Texas Community Action Program. For more information, see Utilities and Landlord/Tenant Issues. Austin, for example, has a fleet of buses that provide WiFi throughout the school district. Not for sale. Be sure to write down the time you contacted the provider, the name of the person you talked to, and what was said. You may address complaints directly to the PUC regarding a Retail Electric Provider, Comcast Cable or AT&T UVerse and Suddenlink Cable. Call: 1.888.CALL.FCC (1.888.225.5322)

Natural gas customers living within the city limits are advised that the city has original jurisdiction within city limits. Contact the PUC and/or FCC directly to file a complaint regarding telephone service. To report power outages, non-functioning street lights, low-hanging power lines, unrestored easement post-construction and repair work: Natural Gas. Information about thefederal Do Not Call listis also available. Some natural gas providers have voluntarily halted natural gas shutoffs due to COVID-19.