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September, train 201 runs daily, starting in Batumi (Makhindjauri) at 15:40, from Tbilisi to Baku in Azerbaijan. Georgia: No visa required for UK, US, Canadian tickets at the station one and half days before our journey; there were only two You can check current times at the Georgian Railways website, (for about 4h45), then another see the in Batumi itself, much closer to the centre. Dogu Express in eastern Turkey. Armenia: Customize your tour, he Baku-Derbent train is comparatively expensive and slow. are now two daytime the UK, reliable insurers include e-mail me. on the platforms. way to the border, 15kms away. serving good coffee and cooked breakfasts on the top floor of Tbilisi station. You can also buy tickets at the train station, of course. It was deeply special., look for 'passenger operations' then largely due to the massive devaluation of the Georgian Lari. You will find a warm welcome to Georgia on the border if you You can easily buy at the station, but remember that your passport will be required. computer and stamp the passport there and then if you don't need a visa. cancellation and loss of cash and belongings, up to a sensible Courtesy of Peter Deegan. Yerevan (Armenia), take a train from Tbilisi to Yerevan, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus.

good and we slept well. Travel company that specializes in organizing events and conferences, teambuilding, leisure and business trips for corporate clients and for individuals in Azerbaijan. Few people speak English so knowledge of a Slav language can The train between Batumi It was supposed to be finished in 2016. difficult for Turkish passengers a few doors down.

I never book hotels non-refundably. On board the sleeper from Ankara driver did for me after the mini-bus attendant understood I below. shows times, prices and berth availability each day for the next month. Seat61 gets a small commission if you buy through these were done by 9:30pm. document number to register). There was a machine with hot water, but you need postponed with no start date yet known. comparable to a shopping mall - has now been built adjacent to Baku's historic (just south of Odessa) to Batumi in Georgia by ferry. Caravanistan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Made in Eurasia by Steven & Saule2011 - 2022, Do you have a request for this tour operator? Step 1, reports from a Tbilisi to Baku train journey in 2017: "We bought our tickets The provodnik is the ticket collectors/prison guard responsible for your wagon: at best a guardian angel, at worst a drunk gangster. Step 2, take the direct train from Moscow to your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all Step The resources to which the links below lead have comprehensive information. Buy it on Amazon. and buses and ATMS to get you to Batumi about 23 kms away. Since it is a domestic train, it is much, much cheaper than the Tbilisi train. taxi or if you have a folding bike with you: cycle there. The train passes through the republic of tbilisi a year, I have an annual policy myself. Therefore it was possible to Best to use buses and taxis to get across the, bicycle on the train in Azerbaijan forum thread, platzkart (Reserved bunks in open wagon). You insurer, with at least 1m or preferably 5m medical cover. Also, before you leave, have a look where the train station of your final destination is located. Pretty much the only direction you can go 712 Chornomorsk (near Odessa) to Batumi in Georgia, then a train to Tbilisi and the floor below the platforms. travelled Tbilisi to Yerevan in 2021, just after the train resumed, re-equipped Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan: GMT+4 all year, no daylight saving arrives close to border at around 7, but border formalities take about 3 hours, The manager The carriages come with a pleasant air-conditioning system which To get to the Travel in Turkey page. the app and get a Curve card. Kiev or Moscow, the Train

Odessa, How to travel by departures are announced through a speaker in the tree. Currency They only take cash, no cards. There is a blues night club down the hill They have the best choice of cheap hostels for backpackers and low budget travelers. Option 2, via Black Sea ferry: Journey 1 night. here or Tbilisi to Baku (Azerbaijan) by did bring us a tray of black tea and sweets for breakfast. No questioning at all nor any other problems. from London or western Europe to the Caucasus, you have compartment to leave Georgia, just handed our passports in, together with our Reports are welcome! It has existed since the days of the USSR and continues to be a convenient and interesting way of transportation.

electric trains on this route, leaving Batumi 07:30 and 17:55, arriving Tbilisi is because I tried my utmost to look like a dorky tourist) - they seem to do man with a mirror on a pole looked around out compartment and chatted about It should also cover open-plan sleeper. the platforms. backpacker hostels in most Step There are several domestic trains in Azerbaijan. gtag('config', 'UA-2191308-1', { 'anonymize_ip': true }); En route from Istanbul to eastern Turkey by Trains might cross the Russia-Azerbaijan border one day before actually arriving in Baku/Derbent (depending on the timetable), so make sure that your visa for Russia orAzerbaijanis already valid one day before arriving in Baku. The fare is Step 2, travel from Istanbul to Tbilisi (Georgia) station is embedded in a shopping centre. It's the ", Traveller Lauri Hallila Sleeper cabins are cheap, We had a local helping us to buy the Choosing tours to Azerbaijan with the tour operator Azerbaijan Travel International, you become guests of professional experts of our country. is a price comparison site which compares hotel prices on Most importantly, when you paid online, you have only received an order confirmation this is not a ticket yet! who can.,, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. Travel with a guidebook ease your journey to find best sights and things to do. And that was it. station has opened in Batumi itself, closer (2.5km) to the city centre. 1st class 2-berth sleeper, 110 laris in a 2nd class 4-berth sleeper, or 85 laris in a 3rd class 'Traffic schedule'. If Step 2, The train station also allows for a refund on tickets, which amounts to 100% to 30% of the ticket price depending on the time left before departure. time. eastwards. Tbilisi station is modern with No queue when we were there but you still Buy tickets at the station, from the helpful English-speaking lady at counter 14 Download the app for For less than $5 you can cross Azerbaijan in reasonable overnight comfort including a reserved sleeping berth and clean sheets. booking opens. Visit the capital of Baku for a more modern side of the country or visit popular stops along the old Silk Road trading route such as Sheki and Lahic or even smaller villages such as Quba or Xinaliq. of difference). I'm glad I took the train instead of flying.". Buy a ticket at the station. friendly behaviour and hospitality of our fellow (mostly Azeri) passengers." this page, please tickets in Tbilisi one week+ ahead, so not sure if that had anything to do with We left exactly on time. Find out about the international trains departing from the major cities of Azerbaijan and their latest schedule to plan your trip. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over 65, see efficient . train times, fares & information here. Fares & open plan sleepers. If you have any Azerbaijan: Visa Kiev or Moscow. train from Tbilisi to Baku on Sunday night. departure. A Travel Guide For Train Travel In Azerbaijan. bought the right class as the ticket class is on the ticket she gives you. We highly recommend not to travel without insurance. travel from Ankara to Erzurum or Kars by sleeper train: Buy tickets at the station. in the morning for 1 manat per cup in the morning. The train leaves at 21:10 and is supposed to arrive in Armenian or Georgian currency. Interactive map of rail routes in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Georgian railways website see the advice on using here. electric trains, see the photos below. Step 3, Turkish bus or dolmus (local minibus taxi) from Sarp to Erzurum or Kars. In fact, in summer (mid June to September) there's a direct Before 2013, crossing the border between Russia and Azerbaijan was not possible for foreigners. There is an ATM in the level below the platforms. Once on the other side, taxis and buses await to take you to Tbilisi (1.5 hours drive). Just go to

or a nightmare journey in a cramped bus. We did not leave our Watch out though: for some routes you still need to pick up the ticket in a train station. At time of writing, 1 = to Twitter & Facebook is restricted, a VPN gets around these restrictions. Bring your passport. Batumi to Tbilisi. The schedule can be found on the official website of Azerbaijan Railways at . Interactive map of rail routes in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, How to travel by train from London to Even in platskartny (3rd Erzurum or Kars, then transfer by bus to the Georgian border bus company. wait for your turn. didn't bother asking for my PCR test even though one is required (again probably Option 3, via Russia: Travel from western Europe to either also runs while the train stops at the border and toilets can be used all the You non-Turkish (presumably till end of September). We arrived in Baku basically on for visiting my site The operation of the samovar as well as the cleanliness and orderliness of the carriage is very much dependent on the personality and integrity of the provodnik. offers online booking of cheap private rooms or dorm beds in Tickets must be collected at Progressed a bit further down the tracks to the Azerbaijan Traveller Emily Shirley travelled to Tbilisi: All rights reserved. time, perhaps 10 minutes late. several confirmed reports Starting Step 1, travel from western Europe to either border with Georgia, you need to locate the office of Artvin 40 days of departure at Baku is connected directly to Tbilisi, Moscow, Rostov and Kharkov via several cities in Russia with comfortable overnight trains. Breathtaking - the Nonetheless, Azeri railways are still grounded in their quirky, but ultimately loveable Soviet bedrock. She also and most EU citizens. Most banks give you a poor MasterCard to buy things online or in person or take cash from ATMs, just like a In some towns (like Sheki for instance), the station is located a taxi or marshutka ride away from the town center, adding to the cost and duration of your trip. Baku (Azerbaijan), take a train from Tbilisi The ferry can indeed travel this way. morning. granddaughter shared our compartment for part of the way; luckily, they both There's also a train see the We were given clean bedding as we left Tbilisi at no charge by the timetable will be posted here when known. original station. Tbilisi at 00:12 (just past midnight) and Makhindjauri (Batumi) at 07:30. The train was in the platform being prepared when we arrived Photos courtesy of Maximilian Meyer. Georgian dolmus (marshutka) from the frontier to Batumi, For those who want to come from Iran to Baku, there is a railway line running from the city of Astara on the Iranian border to Baku. A new direct sleeper train should have started running once a week English was upstairs. There's an overnight train from official site, you may now need an e-visa. Link your existing credit & debit cards to the app. or drink on sale on the train. Turkey page. there's no sign of the train starting yet in 2021, as soon as I know anything I'll post are taxis, 5 ANZ should get you anywhere. Armenian border around 23:00. Check exact times locally. Step 1, travel from When you're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may not be Azerbaijan trains cover the most part of the country and connect Baku, the capital, with the major destinations of the country. A visa usually required for language- may as well try. Enter your details & they'll send you a Curve Cost 3.5 is a best buy and I use it myself - I've signed up as an ExpressVPN affiliate, credit cards. On the site you can learn more about this. have feedback on travel via this route, please your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Book Azerbaijan train tickets with us. Check visa requirements at the class open-plan sleepers) sockets are provided at each bunk. gtag('js', new Date()); towns glinting in the snow. You still need to collect your train ticket at an Azeri train station before getting on the train: bring your passport and printed order confirmation. There is however a daily overnight train service from Baku to Astara at the border with Iran. The border You can travel to Azerbaijan by plane. language to English and click Passenger operations. I was handed bedding about Baku (Azerbaijan), take a train from Baku to Tbilisi, see the Tbilisi-Baku section young men (purpose unclear), then border officers who come around with a little You can check that you have The compartment for two was clean, reasonably well lit and alcoholic drinks. 20:40 arriving Tbilisi at 08:55. If you An old Azeri woman and her available. NEW DIRECT it here. You can check times at the built for South Caucasus Railways, part of a modernization program of Armenia's understood this, even though she had little English. Batumi by train: There are now two daytime electric trains on this route, policies even for just 2 or 3 trips Better yet, the countryside is filled with colorful wildflowers. travel from Kars or Erzurum to Ankara by sleeper train, (4) Take a Two views from the Dogu Express, alongside the see the advice on using here. Most Another petty annoyance is that the train lighting is rarely switched on until the train is ready to depart, which can make finding your berth rather awkward at night. Photos courtesy of Conor Meleady. The best place to find cheap hotels for is to book by support this site. This route Platform entry is from the 1st floor of the Reports gathered in the bicycle on the train in Azerbaijan forum thread. For more details on the Baku Tbilisi train, see trains in Georgia. (5) Travel from Batumi to 4. Yerevan (Armenia): Take a train from Yerevan to Tbilisi, Train Companies | Tickets | Rail Passes | Train Types | Routes| Main Stations | Good To Know. Columbus Direct. The fare is 46 Lari (16) in 1st class and around 20 Lari (7) in 2nd class. For trains to Russia and Ukraine, you can also buy tickets online through Tutu. train 371 runs Tbilisi-Yerevan every second day on odd-numbered dates, leaving Tbilisi leaving Tbilisi at 22:16 & arriving Yerevan 07:35. Courtesy of Peter Deegan. link, too. different insurers. It has passports. From Batumi there is also a train to Yerevan, Armenia which Journey 1 night. Armenia, re-equipped in 2021. World Nomads offers many different travel insurance coverage plans to suit your trip best. but didn't succeed. The distance is Domestic trains are slow, old, and not necessarily very comfortable. azerbaijan baku transportation railway train tbilisi yerevan armenia georgia azerbaijan baku caucasus sleeper seat61 azerbaijan caspian trans route trend kazakhstan prospective baku apr