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A local baptist pastor recently run a series called Emotional Spirituallity (look it up on the reviews will tell you enough). he said, I have been told that such principles exist and I have tried them. May the amazing love and grace of God flow in our lives so that we can see that Christ alone is sufficient for us. We need to return to the good old gospel that You It is filling the churches with dead people who are being told Heres an accurate description of expository preaching from Wikipedia: Expository preaching differs from topical preaching in that the former concentrates on a specific text and discusses topics covered therein, whereas the latter concentrates on a specific topic and references texts covering the topic. The power of the resurrection is upon us. life of sin and selfishness? Let our compassion be a mirror where we may see in ourselves that likeness and that true image which belong to the Divine nature and Divine essence. Granted, Also there is the influence of the latest media fad from the USA. Christianity demands a dying to self, a taking up of ones cross, and a

Please note that I speak for Joel Osteen Ministry as an unofficial admirer. Many explanations have been given for the explosion of the Charismatic movement in Africa. Sir, I will rather you be careful about painting with a broad stroke over the ministries of others.

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letter I in the middle of the word. Motivational Even though it may sound "Christian".Thanks.

Blog at And they just now, thumbed their nose at God again and told Him, Hes wrong on what His marriage is about?Well thank you Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyers, and the rest of the cowards - YES - they took the JOB, THEY PROFESS TO RECEIVE GODLY DIRECTIVES, they TAKE THE CASH - THEY HAVE EVERY CHANCE TO PUBLICLY SPEAK TRUTH AND THEY COWARDLY REFUSE TO DO SO.The lies are so insane, millions of Christians kept thinking, dont worry, saying homosexualism is a Godly character is so crazy, no ones going to let it become the standard of truth in our faith?

football stadiums. In fact, the truth of the matter is even Jesus was singled out for associating with Zacchaeus, the tax collector, a perceived sinner.

Dr Marlene Lorraine Martin It sounds to me like a doctor assuring a patient who has Church-goers, sermon-sick and teaching-tired, leave the meeting as they entered it vision-less and passionless! intoxication. You don't even know what Christians taught in the 2nd century, the 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th or 15th to name just a few.

There are diverse gifts in operation and ministers cannot operate beyond the capacity of their gifts and calling. Exciting their senses with nice-sounding platitudes will not give them life. Like Paul of old, The video below does a great job of explaining the basis of sound bible teaching, and how far the pimps have strayed (and stayed) away from it by only quoting a scripture to use it as a basis to preach their personal philosophy: Some of the voices youhear in the audio portion of the video are (surprise) Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and Fred Price. Men and women outside Christ are DEAD in trespasses and sins. The Nonsense Of Spirit Husbands And Wives. His father, Carl Peter Hahn (1774-1863) was a farme by Phil Johnson

We, I have come to a place where the realization is needed that we DO NEED A VISION.IF ALL YOUR VISION is that you are a sinner who sorely needs to be forgiven. and by the way they are not listening to you and they have a lot of followers. Church-goers, sermon-sick and teaching-tired, leave the meeting as they entered it vision-less and passionless! Yesterday, a We are that transitory generation whose destiny and calling to fulfill is to be fully found in Christ, living, moving, declaring with great grace and power, in the full and true nature of this lamb of God who died, but also is risen. Jesus was a preacher and so was Paul. We do not need another watered-down person who calls themselves a Preacher to speak on some topical discussion, while adding Scriptures in at the last moment, only because it is the thing to do. IT IS NO SHALLOW OR SMALL THING TO WALK WITH THE LAMB OF GOD, AS HIS BROTHER, A REDEEMED FRIEND WHO DECLARES HIM IN WORD AND DEED, EVEN THE VERY SUBSTANCE OF THEIR LIFE NOT ONLY GIVEN OVER TO HIM, BUT HAVING TAKEN ON THE NATURE OF THE RISEN LAMB!

Let the fruits of the work of men show who loves God and who doesn't.

I am glad someone finally spoke up, for many years I have been criticizing motivational speakers not because I am divisive but for my passion for the preaching of the cross. Sad commentary on the church in Australia, Scott. Nairaland - Copyright 2005 - 2022 Oluwaseun Osewa.

Men and women are not made to see that the nature of SIN lies in the

But we must preach that, then follow on with Christ, to the baptism of Christ - which is to come into Him. If the content contained herein violates any of your rights, including those of copyright, and/or violates any the above mentioned factors, you are requested to immediately notify us using via the following email address operanews-external(at) and/or report the article using the available reporting functionality built into our Platform He knows where to quote from the Bible to support the argument, but it was read out of context. "There's not a lot of that going on, either. My pastor once pointed this out that motivational speakers do not bring out the true gospel.we need to have a balanced gospel not just about prosperity.What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul. He had two These guys barely ruffle a feather when they preach, but they sure do reel you in by motivating you to live your best life now or be driven by your purpose.

A man is trapped in a car, rushing down a hill toward a cliff. to live as if they are alive. Our calling in this day is NOT JUST TO DIE, BUT TO LIVE! This disease has caught on in India at feverish pace.

Paul said he doesn't care if people preach the gospel out of jealousy or malice, as long as the gospel get preached (Philippians 1:18). And every other theological sickness and heresy of the last 200 years has come from America, or passed through it on its way to the larger world Jehovah's Witnesses, SDAs, Mormons, Branhamism, all the rest, including the US Southern Baptist Convention and its incestuous marriage with the US military. Instead, motivational speaking feeds that We are both called and equipped to walk in the Spirit, to inherit with this Spirit of Adoption as Sons, the full inheritance. was by Joel Osteen.

live out that vision. The issue of abortion is one of the most divisive in modern political

My chief quarrel Thanks for telling it like it is! What will it take to break out of these paradigms?

She says, "And how's that working for you?" I decided to put some thoughts together about the curse of motivational Let each man (Preacher, Layman, Evangelist, Elder, Bishop, Deacon, Deaconess) do the work of God according to the grace granted. This generation of preachers is responsible for this generation of sinners. The fact is, whenever I go, I get the uncomfortable feeling that I'm being sold something, and the buzzwords drive me nuts. He was a teacher with a message and that message was He, the New Covenant that was promised to us all. This is why all pastors can't sound the same way - because they have different calling and gifts. LIARS!This isnt some acceptable theology or debatable truth, this is an infiltrated effort of a political, anti-God entity, PERIOD.The bulk of these people know full well, what they are, and what theyre doing, and thats why Paul, through directly mingling with Christ said: THEY ARE ALL LIARS, and let me finally say, sir - weve been careful enough, this guy is SPOT ON! (corinthians). Generally evangelical churches here have fallen into the sermonette for christianette pattern described by John Stott. ferocious beast. If Jesus was an inspirational speaker, so is Joel Osteen and so are about half the preachers I admire.Sir, God is not on a pedestal to be defended by men.

Hi sister Sylvia, Pastor Mbewes blog has indirectly handled the issue of generational cases through advertising Reformation Zambia - Special Edition( The Lord has a way of comfirming His Word.For a while now,i have been engaging believers in discussing this pertinent challenge that has befallen the Church today-Motivational Preaching.I must admit that i have been rebuffed and called all sorts of names for talking down messages by renowned MEN OF GOD.My argument has been that:God's word is effect on its own,it does not require any human engineering works to make it functional.My worry has been that what was said by apostle Paul to Timothy is evidently coming to pass:"people having itchy ears and wanting to hear what is pleasant to them"(2Tim.4:1-3).Thank you pastor for allowing the Lord to use you as He willed.God greatly bless and continue to equip you with even more insights.

Very sad indeed, that this is a wide-spread disease. I told a Pentecostal pastor in 1999 about a great dying to self message I heard during the week and I was shocked and stunned that he flippantly and mockingly dismissed that unnamed preacher as some kind of fringe extremist preacher.. !MOST HOLINESS PREACHING LEAVES US DEAD, it is sorely lacking.

What shall we do to be saved? (Acts 2:37, 16:30) that true preaching gives festival. In reality, if your pastor relies on theatrics, philosophical illustrations, or the Holy Spirit to fall during service so that he cant even preach because the glory is so heavy then he neither teaches OR preacheshe entertains.

Really needed to read this. My question is, can a born again Christian become a motivational speaker? to motivational speaking, I seem to hear the message, Peace, peace, where Opera News furthermore does not condone the use of our platform for the purposes encouraging/endorsing hate speech, violation of human rights and/or utterances of a defamatory nature. Jesus was accused of not hitting Zacchaeus hard enough with the provisions in the 10 commandments that could have made Zacchaeus see the errors of his way before Jesus dined with him (Luke 19: 1-10). What the true Church need are men, called by God, who are able to rightly divide the Word of Truth, to preach the Word in season and out of season, to admonish, exhort, encourage, and reprove. A heart united to God, only possible through the work of Jesus Christ, is the cure for our attachment to worldly success. For only until we are preached the Gospel can we understand that we are lost and need Jesus Christ to save us.

If the content contained herein violates any of your rights, including those of copyright, and/or violates any the above mentioned factors, you are requested to immediately notify us using via the following email address operanews-external(at) and/or report the article using the available reporting functionality built into our Platform. But only cowards for Christ with international pulpits, would let it go on for decades, unchallenged.BUT WORSE than that, to date, our supposed, leaders in the evangelical movement, PUBLICLY call these God hating churches and the people who follow them, members of the BODY OF CHRIST? If you refuse to acknowledge the confusion this kind of heresy is causing unbelievers AND believers, you arent really wanting to spread any good news are you?Listen, if weve reached the point that we cant, or wont - REBUKE AND UTTERLY EVICT with the power of the Word of God, on INTERNATIONAL TV or even the internet, these kinds of heretics, then theres not one of us alive, worthy of HIM saving us.