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deck drop trailers machinio 2001 western Increases the trailer visibility from the rear. Sliding winches can be mounted the either the road or the curb side of the trailer on the side rails. Manual dump valve quickly releases the air from the air bags on the suspension. Toolboxes are lockable for safekeeping. They can be configured in different lengths and angles, and finished with apitong wood flooring with steel cleats, tread plate, or open steel rungs. - Step Deck Trailer, Tandem Spread Axle with Beavertail and Ramps Precision Automated Welded, top, bottom, and both sides, upper deck, neck, and lower deck are all one continuous welded assembly. Side Rail - 6" steel channel. Chandler, AZ 85226 With the same crossmember system as their traditional Gauge reads pressure from the airbags. Two Fabricated steel Spring Assist Hinged Ramps included. Drop deck trailers are similar to flatbed trailers except they have two deck levels. Trailer Sales The tail roll option is ideal for pulling skids onto the trailer. Lights are bullet style clearance and marker, Side turn signal, 4 round tail light, license plate light. Allows for storage of a spare wheel and tire. A painted steel or aluminum bulkhead can be added to the front of the trailer. Main Beam, Crossmembers, and Knee Braces can be configured for concentrated loads such as steel coils. 1200 S Akimel Ln Rope hooks can be added for load securement. The 4000AE Drop Deck from Utility weighs less than some all-aluminum trailers The air is routed from the trailer supply to a control box and then to each axle. - Jet Steel Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Slant Neck with Powered Winch, Wheel Covers, and Beavertail Trailer Knee Braces are located approximately on 4' centers, supporting outside rail, primarily located between the landing legs and the suspension. A winch can be installed in the upped deck or the neck area to assist in loading the trailer. Please contact our sales department. Either regulated or non regulated lift axles with control box. Regulates correct and equal tire pressure across all tires. Installed in a weather resistant enclosure on the road side of the trailer by the front axle. Common lengths are 2 and 3 feet. Structural High Strength 4 Steel I-Beam, welded to the main beam, on 16", 14 or 12 centers standard. Other settings available. Chandler, AZ 85226 Axle configuration options include single, closed tandem, tandem spread, triple, triple spread, quadrupedal, or other options. Air Ride, Rated @ 25,000# with ABS, available in closed tandem (49) or 10'1" spread. Multiple configurations available. CLICK FOR COMBOS, Manufactured in standard widths of 96" or 102", and lengths of 45', 48', and 53' with typically a 10' 1" spread tandem axle setup. Either bolted on or mounted in welded stake pockets. Galvanizing the trailer before the axles and landing legs are installed allows for extreme corrosion resistance in severe environments. Lower deck heights and double drops are available if increased overall head clearance is required. for the cost of a combo. Aluminum wheels are available in Standard or Extra Polish. Midco Sales sells steel, combo and aluminum drop deck trailers. Jet has been manufacturing steel Drop Deck, Step Deck and Double Drop Deck trailers for over 25 years. From adding customized options to tailoring a specialty trailer our drop deck trailers are ready to make the heavy-duty trips. Map, Service Options shown in above image.

Straps can be added for additional means to secure a load. 6793 W Willis Rd *typical or approximate specification, may vary with specific options, 48ft Closed Tandem Black Steel - Drop Deck Trailer 2022 Jet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Fill out this form, or call Can be installed in various locations. Optional Spring suspension available in closed tandems. - Step Deck - Jet Company, 53ft Triple Axle with Lift Axles - Drop Deck Trailer Chandler, AZ 85226 They are not bolt on and cannot be added after the build. We are an authorized dealer for Manac and Dorsey and promote their lines of new drop deck trailers. They will work with engineering to fulfill your needs. Rub Rail - 3/8" x 2" steel. Twist locks are available for container securing. Options include slanted angle neck of 17 or 45 for easier use of the top deck. Aluminum toolboxes can be mounted outside the main beam along the length of the main deck or inbetween wheels on a 10' 1" spread. Stake Pockets - Spaced 24" apart with pipe-spool.

Controls two axles. Aluminum Assembly that drops into the stake pockets toward the middle and the rear of the trailer for a level surface to the top deck for loading long items such as tubing, pipe, channel, logs, and more. They reduce weight and provide a better visual appearance. Multiple configurations of marker lights are available to increase the trailer visibility in the dark. Beavertails are one piece construction and part of the main beam. Trailer is cleaned and chemically treated with a corrosion resistant coating for a black finish. Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Stocking colors are black, slate gray and red, or custom matching to a tractor or company color is possible. Popular Options include: Multiple Axle Configurations (Triple and Quad), Lift Axles, Aluminum Wheels, Wide Base Wheels. Drop deck trailers for sale at Midco Sales. Recessed tie downs retract into the deck when not in use.

Check out our combination aluminum drop deck trailer page for more information on our combo trailers. Aluminum toolboxes come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted on either side of a drop deck trailer. Map. Known for their strength and performance, the steel drop deck flatbed trailers This single be a manufacturing process creates a flatbed that will provide superior performance Removable Ramps are typically aluminum construction and a roller is installed at the rear for easier removal. Filled with shock absorbing liquid to protect the gauge from vibration. Two Fabricated High Strength Steel I-Beams. - Jet Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck. D-Rings can be added to the main or upper deck at custom locations. These customizations help us build a trailer that best suits your fleets needs. Also the front or the rear axle can install as a slider on a tandem 10' 1 spread. Midco Sales commonly carries 48 drop decks and 53 drop deck trailers. Drop deck trailers come in a variety of length and height combos as well as your choice of aluminum or steel. Engineered for strength and performance, our drop deck trailers are comprised of two steel high strength fabricated beams. Storage is built in underneath the main deck with access from the side of the trailer. from Jet are produced using two solid steel beams. Midco Sales also maintains an inventory of used drop deck trailers. A third center ramps or "Heavy Duty" ramps options are also available. (515) 332-3117 for a quote. Aluminum Ramps that allow for access to drive equipment on to the top deck. Pullouts out of the front of the upper deck are an option to gain more usable upper deck length without sacrificing the lower deck. Davenport, IA 52806, 2020 | CRAFTSMEN UTILITY TRAILERS | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | All Rights Reserved Designed & Powered by Buzznerd Trucks, 2607 Research Parkway Davenport, IA 52806, Drop deck solutions for heavy and/or awkward loads, Heavy-duty aluminum outrigger attachments, One-piece 5 double reinforced cross members. - Step Deck - Jet Company, Tandem Spread Axle with Beavertail and Spring Assisted Ramps - Jet Steel Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Identical Drop Decks with Bolt-on Aluminum Bulkheads. The lower deck allows the trailer to haul taller loads than a flatbed trailer. Removable to allow full use of the main deck. 6633 W Willis Rd Sizes include 8.25 x 24.5 or Wide Base Single Wheels. Ramp Holders allow for a storage space of optional front or rear ramps. 30 setting standard. Long lasting, Reduced maintenance, very bright. - Jet Slant Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Single Axle Drop with Beavertail and Spring Assist Ramps Slider boxes are optional on closed tandems. year after year. - Jet Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Drop Deck Trailers with Ramps and Beavertails stacked for transport. - Jet Steel Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Tandem Spread Axle with Beavertail, Spring Assist Ramps View the current drop deck inventory or scroll down to learn more about drop deck trailers. The deck drops down after it clears the tractor axles, creating an upper deck and lower deck.

Factory sealed wire harness with internal ground to reduce corrosion and maintenance. Four are optional. An automatic tire inflation system uses compressed air from the trailer to inflate any tire that falls below the appropriate pressure. Please contact your sales rep about options. 3 per side are typical. Map, Parts Ramps can fold "flat" to the main deck. Drop deck trailers are available with several different axle configurations depending on the load distribution needs: A coil package is a reinforced area of a drop deck trailer that allows it to haul heavy steel coils. Triple axles will require a second system. Steel Wheels - White powder coat, 10 Holes, nut 33mm ID 1-5/8" x3-7/16" is common, other spacing and configurations available. Beavertail Ramps can be removable and stored in the beavertail when traveling. Three tail lights are standard. - Jet Steel Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Tandem Spread Axle with Beavertail, Ramps, Toolbox This usually involves adding additional crossmembers to the trailer. 2607 Research Parkway Axles Configurations / Slider Boxes POPULAR, Liquid-filled Air Gauge & Manual Dump Valve, Slanted Necks, Lower Deck Heights, & Double Drops. - Jet Steel Drop Deck Trailer - Step Deck, Tandem Spread Axle with Beavertail, Ramps, Tool Box, Aluminum Wheels 4000AE combo flatbed, this drop deck provides strength and versatility. Every beam is designed as a continuous, one-piece assembly, and precision automation welded, this includes the beavertail of the trailer. Can be installed for any axle in several combinations (Front, Middle(s) and/or Rear)