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We currently have open spots for children. At Woodlawn Baptist Church we These experiences certainly speak of Gods longsuffering and how God tenderly molds His children to walk through the doors that He has prepared. He is tremendously blessed by the loving flock at Woodlawn Baptist who love Gods Word and their pastor and who faithfully serve the Lord. retarded helping god know church baptist landover Children's Ministry. During his mothers battle with cancer, John witnessed the fight God can place in a mothers heart to live and the devotion He can place in a father toward his dying bride and his children. Millions of children are born, live, eat, and die in the dirt - without hearing the gospel. Despite John never remembering a time when he doubted that there was a God or the truths taught by the Bible, later that same evening, with Dots sweet voice replaying in his heart, he went forward to make public his profession in Christ as Savior. We proudly preach the Gospel, sing His praise, minister to the hurt, and proclaim that everyone needs salvation through Jesus Christ. Location:2310 Culkin Rd, Vicksburg, MS 39183-GET DIRECTIONS. they liked the cookies - johns heart was changed forever, Finny Matthews, John Ray, and Brother Abraham. John was married in October 1999 to the love of his life, Elizabeth. That means that no matter where you've come from and where you are on your spiritual journey, we want to come alongside to inspire, equip and encourage you to live out a life that will bring glory to God and be a blessing to the world. that music is as diverse as our congregation and strive to not focus on any one We preach the Scripture. During Johns service at Westview, God introduced him to a church leader and the precious pastor of the Dega Christian Church in Charlotte. Service Time: Sunday Mornings, at 11:00 am. The Ray family loves to serve the Lord together. The Lord blessed John tremendously in his career as he managed businesses in forty-eight US states and fourteen countries, including operations throughout Europe, China, India and South America in capacities that included Chief Executive Officer and owner since 2007. Saylor was a mighty and meek man of God and impacted Johns Call, Ordination and pulpit ministry in tremendous ways. strive to maintain a vibrant, Christ centered, worship.

Baptist Youth Group is dedicated to helping our students grow in their faith. One This ministry provides children the opportunity to sing, Johns early years were molded and tenderly nurtured by his loving mother, Mary Ann, a homemaker who courageously fought cancer for nine long years. One by a wonderful church family and taught the ways of the Christ-centered faith. matter what your child is into, you can be assured that he or she will enjoy A picture of some of the young souls touched by the Westview and Dega Christian Church partnership is provided below: John was called to serve as the interim pastor at Woodlawn Baptist Church, Charlotte, in November 2018 and was confirmed unanimously as Senior Pastor in February 2019. come and let your children be apart of any and all of these programs. Over the years, John completed various professional developmental programs while attending the following universities: completing Dr. Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute program. He was tremendously strong yet meek, as well as the most unselfish man John has ever known. We sing everything from hymns written by Martin Luther to No John considers this experience a heavenly treasure and was left in awe by what the Lord accomplished through the power of His Word and Holy Spirit. Sunday morning worship services will continue to be made available by Live Stream and posted online for viewing at your leisure. These ministries included the Rays serving the Lord as a family.

During this time, God developed a Bible discipleship ministry and built a strong fellowship with many believers who remain part of Johns life and ministry. Growing up the grandson of Reverend Elzie Ray, a mighty preacher of Gods grace, and being the nephew of the late Reverends Harold, Grover, and Tommy Ray afforded him great examples of preachers and shepherds who were dedicated to preaching Gods Holy Word. John was blessed to be part of the transition for both churches; in addition, Westview sponsored children ministries at Woodlawn Baptist that continue to bless many children. The Bible-teaching ministry eventually grew to include three to four sessions each Sunday in three different locations. Chapel John is Mission-Aligned with Woodlawn to create media resources for internal and external distribution. The seniors also meet at a local restaurant once per month. We believe that financial giving is a way God has called us to worship Him. The harvest of precious souls that John witnessed being brought into the family of God through His love and grace remains an immeasurable gift from God. We believe in absolute transparency with our finances, understanding that people in the past tend to second guess where their money goes when they give it to a church. We encourage all church members and visitors noticing any virus or flu symptoms to stay home and remain safe, following the DHS guidelines provided at: Woodlawn has a library offering many wonderful resources available for use onsite and at home. On Sundays we offer Sunday School for all children, as well as Below is a picture of one of pastor Johns all-time preacher heroes, the late Reverend Bill Saylor. will do through our Children's ministry. She graduated to meet her King face-to-face at the young age of forty-two, when John was age fifteen. Click the Contact Us link below to request information or prayer. In 2022, Pastor John created the framework for an expanded online ministry to enhance the capabilities of reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip and strengthen growing Christians through biblical discipleship. John is thankful for such strong family roots. The dream that was given to a few people over 70 years ago is today a

This rich heritage has inspired John in countless ways in the ministry. More importantly, your child will be loved As the Lord started to move in Johns heart about serving as a teacher in the jail, John reminded God during a pleading prayer that he didnt know a lot about teaching the Bible, other than a few VBS stories. God is doing great things, and we give him all of the glory. They are blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters who serve the Lord in many ways. On Sunday evenings during the school year we rotate between 9 weeks of AWANA and Music and Missions. John was soon baptized at Westview Baptist Church by Reverend Ralph Ellis. Pastor John offering oreo cookies to homeless children as they searched fields for their daily food. It was also there that God nurtured a love in Johns heart for those in the most desperate and hopeless situations. John is currently enrolled in a dual certification program at: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Go Certificate). John witnessed God prompting people to come to Christ, unprovoked by man, to the saving knowledge of Jesus. It became clear to John and the Westview congregation that the Dega Christian Church should become the community church and owner of the church properties. John submitted to the call to pastor during a mission trip to Cuba in 2009. John also learned the truth of the old saying, Big doors swing on small hinges.. dance, develop in many ways, but most importantly learn about our Savior, Jesus that worship is not a performance for an earthly audience, nor is it a passive Welcome! For more information, you can contact the church office. John initially submitted to the call into the Gospel ministry by serving the Lord for thirteen years in a local jail ministry. John continues to support and be involved in missions in various geographies and capacities. Come join us! After two years of praying and preparing for the next step of his call, John was ordained by his pastor and a group of deacon delegates. experience but rather an offering to God from our hearts. John continues to serve joyously in this capacity and has been blessed to share Gods Word with many hurting and hungry hearts. John was saved as a young teenager at Camp Caswell after hearing the powerful personal testimony of Mrs. John pastored Westview Baptist Church in Charlotte for five years. One of Johns favorite sayings is, Im just a nobody, telling everybody, about Somebody, who can save anybody.. our children's programs at Woodlawn. people. As John prayed, he felt as if the Lord put His arm around him and spoke into his fearful heart the words, It is My Word, and I will teach it to you. John arose with the blessed assurance that God would speak with him heart-to-heart & mouth-to-mouth a promise that God abundantly fulfilled. God unexpectedly ended the jail ministry aspect of Johns call and placed him in a Sunday School leadership role. our Associate Pastor/Minister of Music Bro. particular style. night @ 6:00 pm, and Sunday School @9:40 am. Take some time to browse through the pages of our site. Rev. leading churches in Warren County and continues to minister to the community One month after his ordination in 2011, God opened a pulpit, and John has since served as an under-shepherd of Gods sheep. We are confident that you will discover that God is doing great things. During Johns business career, the Lord taught him many critical lessons as He revealed talents and gifts that could also be invested in the ministry, while also revealing how weak Johns commitment was in far too many areas of his Christian life. night @ 6:00 pm, Wednesday John has an older sister and younger brother, and he remains close to both. Johns heart was transformed by the people of India, especially by orphans in India. in worship. During these years, God taught John about how little man has to do with the lost coming to Christ. We believe Please see the following links for sermon viewing options: Woodlawn Baptist Church, Charlotte (woodlawnchurch.org), Woodlawn Baptist Church - Home | Facebook. Christ. John served on the board of directors of an international missions ministry for two years, while also teaching and preaching in India, Nepal, and Cuba over a period of six years. It was in the jail ministry where the Lord began to incubate a passion for verse-by-verse Bible study and an expository approach to the teaching of Gods Word. John is reminded by these experiences that he is simply a vessel to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the results are up to the Lord. Woodlawn still enjoys the reputation of being a friendly, conservative, Bible-centered church serving the community with a heart for God and for These lessons developed an absolute trust in the Word of God and Holy Spirit to reach and transform a persons heart. dance, develop in many ways, but most importantly learn about our Savior, Jesus Our prayer is that God will do great things in your life as well. Some churches tend to be shy in asking for donations to keep ministry going. For over thirty years now it has been our mission to "lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

We reality in Woodlawn Baptist Church; as it has taken its place as one of the During one weekend event, the Lord brought over two hundred lost souls to the saving faith in Jesus Christ. It is a real joy for us to meet newcomers and to tell you about all the good things God is doing in our church family. We hope you will find the information on our website useful. children's church during the morning worship service. of our more "lively" ministries at Woodlawn Baptist Church is our has had a heart for people. Ryan Marshall. Johns father, a humble mechanic, was the epitome of integrity, character, and Christian contentment, living out his faith in daily droplets of love, grace, and mercy. Christ. However, his greatest Christian hero other than Jesus Christ Himself is his late father Carrol Ray. Johns three girls are gifted artists, often serving the Lord through their a capella singing in worship services, special events, funeral services, and whenever John prompts them to sing for strangers that the Lord brings into their path. We believe that having you see our spending will encourage you to give more, and make more of an impact in this world for the gospel. Dot Ellis while they sat together on a porch swing. Our Child Development Center (CDC) operates Monday - Friday. Dot was the pastors wife and had no children of her own, often affectionately calling John my John..

A covered dish meal & God honoring entertainment is provided. He impacted Johns heart and life in remarkable ways. A sample of one of the Ray Girls songs is provided below: (click on the Play button below). the church property of the dega christian church. A seed was planted in Johns heart for the people of India and he knew that his place was in the mudhole and not in the luxury of the fine hotel. We encourage you to From the beginning Woodlawn Woodlawn Baptist Church4622 Nations Crossing RoadCharlotte, NC 28217, Phone: 704.523.5941Fax: 704.523.1716Email: info@woodlawnchurch.org. offer several small group Bible studies throughout the week including Sunday We are very excited about what the Lord and throughout the world. A few mission pictures are provided below: a small orphanage, filled with large heartslittle lives rescued from the enemy. We enjoy a strong seniors group that meet the 2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm. God taught John many lessons in the jail ministry, built on a foundational truth that people must know how much you love them before they will care how much you know. We are a group of believers who strive to stand united in the service of the Lord. of our more "lively" ministries at Woodlawn Baptist Church is our Johns heart was so deeply moved by their devotion, humility, and service, which includes an impressive childrens and youth ministry the bedrock of both Westviews history and mission. Little did John know that, thirty-five years later, God would call John to pastor Westview. We also recognize Children's Ministry. The media ministry includes an iPhone / Droid & iPad application, a SubSpalsh hosted website, and various social media platforms, all presented under Chapel John Bible Media.. In many ways, Johns sister, Janet, filled the mother role in Johns life. Before transitioning to fulltime pastoral ministry, Johns bi-vocational ministry was accompanied by thirty years of international business, initiated by John working as a part-time material handler. We have taken the words of Jesus literally. Sunday morning worship services also air each Monday at 9am & 6pm on Spectrum TV, Channel 21. Feel free to contact us if we can answer any questions, pray for you, or share with you how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. During a business trip to launch a new entity in Pune, India, John came face-to-face with a call on his life for mission work as he watched two small, orphaned brothers washing off in a mudhole outside his beautiful hotel, soon joined by a mother and her tiny newborn baby. John served as a lay leader in Evangelism and Revival for years, traveling throughout the Southeast with various teams. Woodlawn Instead we focus on the text of the songs that we are to sing contemporary songs by Chris Tomlin. Pastor Ray was born in Western NC and has lived in the Charlotte area since 1968. These are indeed exciting times here at Woodlawn Baptist Church. The music program is under the direction of Please contact the church office for more information.

We believe that It is complete and without error. This ministry provides children the opportunity to sing,