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It was created using this occupation's 21 most recent Alberta job postings, collected between Nov 16, 2021 and Jul 20, 2022. The latest styles? This is physically demanding work that may involve: Pet groomers work indoors. Government forms and labour market data may group and refer to an occupation differently, depending on the system used. Pet groomers should not be allergic to or afraid of dogs or cats. Although there is labour market data for the larger NOC group, this occupation makes up only a part of that group. Each set of 3 interest codes for this NOC group is listed in order of importance. What skills to highlight in your resum, cover letter, and interview. Please visit for up-to-date information about these impacts. Completing a program does not guarantee entrance into an occupation. an overall understanding of dog and cat behaviour, knowledge of different breeds, their characteristics and requirements. Animal Specializations: Domestic animals/pets (cats, kittens, puppies, dogs, etc. Some are self-employed and work from their own homes. To fill in or change the values for your abilities, complete the Abilities Exercise in CAREERinsite. In Canada, the federal government groups and organizes occupations based on a National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. Pet Groomer: Occupations in Alberta - alis. the ability to recognize when animals may need veterinary care. Please choose a different page to add. The abilities or aptitudes shown for this NOC group come from the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB). Check out additional resourcesfor specific audiences andcareers to inspire and motivate! Completing a program does not guarantee entrance into an occupation. Experienced groomers may work on commission so their incomes depend on their reputation for good work, their business and customer service skills, and the number of pets they can groom in a day. Pet groomers shampoo, clip and groom dogs, cats and other pets to improve and maintain their hygiene, comfort and appearance. Explore your skills, interests, passions, and what you value in a job. Duties vary from one position to another but, in general, pet groomers: Pet groomers sometimes use special shampoos to destroy external parasites. 1-877-644-9992. Unless otherwise noted, the data shown here is for all industries and all regions in Alberta. Create a comfortable corner that calls you to relax and soak up your fair share of sunshine! When you purchase an item from this collection, $5 will be donated to Tel-jeunes and, two organizations involved in the mental health cause. That's why we made giving back a Vision standard: to remind us how important it is to back up our ambitious statements with concrete, positive actions. Find ways to make your work life more satisfying so you can achieve balance, grow your career, and manage change in the ever-evolving world of work. trends and events affecting overall employment (especially in the industries listed above), employment turnover (work opportunities generated by people leaving existing positions), occupational growth (work opportunities resulting from the creation of new positions), Starting pay: average pay offered for entry-level positions, Overall pay: average pay across all employees in this occupation, Top pay: average pay offered to top-paid employees. Toll Free In Alberta, 85% of people employed in this classification work in the following industries: The employment outlook [pdf] in this occupation will be influenced by a wide variety of factors including: In Alberta, the 6563: Pet groomers and animal care workers occupational group is expected to have an above-average annual growth of 2.3% from 2019 to 2023. Whether you're feeling happy or down, talk about it! Scroll left and right to view all data. Start your new job on the right foot and learn how to handle challenges along the way. $29.95, $79.00 A codein capital letters means its a strong fit for the occupation. This chart shows which job skills are currently in highest demand for this occupational group. Some evening or weekend work may be required to cater to the needs of pet owners. Additional Resources for Specific Audiences, Make Your Decision by Evaluating Your Career Options, Still in High School? The following schools offer programs or courses that are related to this occupation but are not required to enter the field. Our eco-friendly jersey boxer in sorbet shades is something you can treat yourself to every day. A space that highlights sustainable actions and initiatives and illustrates what makes up Simons' identity: style, accessibility, and service. Whether you're feeling happy or down, talk about it! By using this website or closing this message, you are agreeing to our cookie policy. Its based on the Canadian Work Preference Inventory (CWPI), which measures 5 occupational interests: Directive, Innovative, Methodical, Objective, and Social. You are born with abilities that help you process certain types of information and turn it into action. Updated Mar 31, 2017. High-octane hues are hitting their stride in our exclusive activewear wardrobe. If there are multiple related NOC groups, select a NOC heading to learn about each one. Those employed in salons may be required to supply their own equipment. Please complete the recaptcha and try again. Salary, employment outlook, and educational program information may change without notice. This page is already listed in your guide. $49.95, $98.00 The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted legislation and services. Wages and salaries do not include overtime hours, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (unrelated to production) and other forms of compensation. Over 200 styles have been added to our selection $29.95, $35.00 All Rights Reserved. These abilities influence which skills you can learn more easily. Pet groomers and animal care workers (6563), 2016 NOC: Are you in high school or considering a post-secondary education? Start Planning Your Career Now, CAREERinsite: Online Career Planning Tools, OCCinfo: Alberta Labour Market Information, Earnings by Post-Secondary Field of Study, Post-Secondary Education and Training Testimonials, Student Services at Post-Secondary Schools, Time to Choose Your Post-Secondary Education, Low Literacy Resources for Career Advisors, Publications for Educators and Counsellors. Discover why, how, and when to plan your career. Do you stop people to pet their dogs? $74.95, $89.00

Pet groomers earnings vary considerably. One way to get started in this field is to obtain part-time or full-time work as a bather and dryer during busy times. 2022 La Maison Simons. Find out how you can turn what you love into a career.

Looking for additional resources for specific audiences? Wanting new ways to explore our career advice resources? Discover valuable resources to help your clients, students, children, and the people in your community as they plan and achieve their career goals. The NOC system is updated every 5 years to reflect changes in the labour market. $29.95, Lovely lava lamp-like patterns on a bodycon fit, Colourful organic cotton combined with a ribbed texture, Nautical stripes meet an all-comfort waist, A minimalist, utility style made better with patch pockets, Hibiscus flowers embroidered in subtle, neutral shades, Beautiful contrast bands beneath your feet, Lightly textured lines inspired by the countryside. $59.95, $49.00 being exposed to parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and mites. Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.

In Alberta, this occupation is part of 1 or more 2011 National Occupational Classification (NOC) groups. Are you cool with cats and other animals? There are no minimum education requirements for pet groomers. What Works: Career-Counselling Strategies for Diverse Clients, Career Development Association of Alberta, Typical ability expectations for this NOC group. $178.00. Our dedicated team has been working hard to bring you unique, inspiring, and often exclusive creations for summer so that you can make the most of the great outdoors.

$14.99, $69.00 Then learn how to make it happen, get involved in student life, and plan for future employment in your field. Pet Groomers and Animal Care Workers (G923), 2011 NOC: Just like your mood, sometimes the world's most straightforward pattern can change. Caring quotes to tell yourself when you feel the need for a quick pick-me-up. an interest in animals and an ability to work with them, the ability to maintain control but at the same time be gentle, quiet and patient with animals. Got an event coming up? Other wage sourcesTo make an informed wage and salary decision, research other wage sources [pdf] to supplement this data. Twik and Djab are starting a conversation. ), Clean and disinfect cages, pens, aquariums, kennels, runs, stall and enclosures, Professional, Scientific & Technical Services, Other Services (Repair, Personal Services and Related). Discover the refreshing, inspiring, and wow-worthy assortment you can only find online to complement what we already offer in store. Talking about your emotions is normal and important. New arrivals, trends, and collections all in one spot, just for you. They also may order grooming supplies and advise customers regarding pet grooming. Employers that Recruited in the Last 2 Years, Recruiting Employers that Experienced Hiring Difficulties, Employers with Unfilled Vacancies of over 4 Months, National Occupational Classification (NOC), Race Horse Groom Training - Groom Training, Alberta Regional Occupational Demand Outlook, Alberta Regional Occupational DemandOutlook, 2006 NOC: Simons | Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor. The abilities scores range from 1 to 5, with 5 being stronger. Pet groomers work in grooming salons, veterinary clinics and kennels. Source 2019 To expand or narrow your search for programs related to this occupation, visit Post-Secondary Programs. The interest code helps you figure out if youd like to work in a particular occupation. For example, contact associations and employers in this field. Are you aguardian,educator or counsellor, or acareer advisor? $69.00 However, pet groomers need: Previous animal care experience is an asset. Before enrolling in an education program, prospective students should look into various sources for education options and employment possibilities. It groups them into 3 categories: mental, visual, and physical. Get the most out of alis with these tools and resources. Understand your rights and responsibilities at work.

There is currently no provincial legislation regulating this occupation in Alberta. NoteNOC groups often include several related occupations. Pet groomers are part of the larger 2011 National Occupational Classification 6563: Pet groomers and animal care workers. Whether or not this occupation matches your skill set, What training you may need to get these skills. And they're on sale? To identify or change your interest codes, complete the Interests Exercise in CAREERinsite. A pastel palette, feminine details, and light-as-air fabricskey for the sweet days of summer, when the jasmine's in bloom. If there are multiple related NOC groups, select a NOC heading to learn about each one. It also applies to other data for the NOC group such as number of people employed. In Alberta, this occupation is part of 1 or more 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) groups. That's a yes in our books! Pet Groomers and Animal Care Workers (6483), 2006 NOC-S: A code in alllowercase letters means the fitis weaker. Enjoy a complete shopping experience in a personalized fashion environment. Source: Alberta Short-Term Employment Forecast, Source: Alberta Regional Occupational Demand Outlook. Since the beginning, we've made it a point of pride to support others and be involved in our community. Good Reliability, represents a CV of between 6.01% and 15.00% and/or fewer than 30 survey observations and/or if survey observations represent less than 50% of all estimated employment for the occupation. An enriching selection of carefully curated decor. Wages and salaries do not include overtime hours, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (unrelated to production), and other forms of compensation. Data for the NOC group can apply across multiple occupations. This alis occupation may not reflect the entire NOC group it is part of. If there are multiple related NOC groups, select a NOC heading to learn about each one. Information on this website may not reflect the current situation in Alberta. Making us feel fine? Its collage of blue denims = a delectable DIY effect. Before enrolling in an education program, prospective students should look into various sources for education options and employment possibilities. Swipe left and right to view all data. For example, contact associations and employers in this field.

Some salons provide private lessons or group training for pet groomers and some train newly hired groomers on the job. Are you gentle and patient and able to stay in control? * All wage estimates are hourly except where otherwise indicated. With experience and small business management skills, pet groomers may become salon managers or start their own businesses. Start planning your career now! When you purchase this item, $5 will be donated to Tel-jeunes and, Twik and Djab are starting a conversation. Thoughtfully paired with a colourful knit sweater for a casual yet sophisticated look. In addition to job openings created by employment turnover, 96 new positions are forecasted to be created within this occupational group each year. Source: Alberta Regional Occupational DemandOutlook. Get started with post-secondary planning and begin exploring your options. Twik and Djab are starting a conversation. A piece made all the prettier by colourful geometric stripes that dynamize the dining room. The Government of Alberta is working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services. The GATB measures 9 aptitudes. What Education and Training Is Best for Your Client? They should enjoy having clear rules and guidelines for their work and caring for animals. Pet groomers and animal care workers (6563), schedule appointments and record owner information, record each pets name, sex, age, breed and disposition, and any information about health problems, discuss grooming requirements and desired styles with pet owners, select appropriate shampoos and conditioners for different skin and coat types, bathe, cut, comb, style and blow dry pets coats, lifting and carrying animals and cages weighing up to 20 kilograms, repetitive movements that can lead to strain injuries. Slip on this indigo denim design made of soft and breathable natural materials. Interest in comparing information to monitor and document animal behaviour, and to prepare food and feed animals, fish and birds at scheduled intervals, Interest in assisting scientists and researchers in conducting laboratory tests with animals; and in using equipment for grooming animals, Interest in handling and nurturing animals when grooming and when assisting breeders; and in training dogs to obey commands and perform specific duties in response to signals. It is advised that you confirm this information before making any career decisions. For example, only some of the new positions to be created will be for this occupation. Our team's pick of pieces, all in one spot to kick-start your creativity. Here is how this occupation has been classified over time: In Alberta, this occupation is part of 1 or more 2006 National Occupational Classification (NOC) groups. Then you may want to brush up on a career as a pet groomer. It means data for this occupation may be different than the data shown. We've got the perfect outfits to help you look the part for that special moment. These tools and resources will help get you started. Advancement opportunities are limited.

two organizations involved in the mental health cause. For example, during the spring and summer or holiday periods, many employers require additional staff. Self-employed pet groomers often work long hours. Curious about what OCCinfo and CAREERinsite have to offer? Are you looking for a job, drafting your resum, or preparing for an interview? $248.00 This website uses cookies to give you a better online experience. Talking about your emotions is normal and important. Employment turnover is expected to increase as members of the baby boom generation retire over the next few years. The information contained in this profile is current as of the dates shown. Prospective pet groomers are strongly advised to discuss their education options with several practicing pet groomers before enrolling in a training program. of finds at irresistible prices! Cool as water, calm as the sky wear this colour to match your mood. All wage estimates are hourly except where otherwise indicated. the ability to deal with pet owners tactfully and gain their trust. To see the full survey data for this NOC group, visit the wage profile. Earn points all year round to receive 2% back on a rewards cardthat you can use in store or online in addition to enjoying all of the program's perks!