blade of the old religion bugged

Damage vs. Bots: 69 Collect 6 Tasty Grapes from his newest cultivation. Bring me one and we'll start. One of our workers was to prepare an old field east of the vineyard for cultivation.

They should have their camp somewhere right here in the south. Could you please tell Officer Aaron Schefer that the possessed rat has been defeated? My brother is suuuuuch an ass. My feelings keep going back and forth. He lives in a hut near the edge of the woods, up north from Geledur. Complete this mission and you will receive your reward. You are really fast. She's in the house behind me. Hm unfortunately, I don't have any that match your description. He'll tell you where to find some. Find a way in and crush the trolls. I have been waiting for a real catch all day and finally I can go on with the food preparation. Bring them to me so I can see properly again. I'm fine, but all of the workers have run away. They're coming from the forest in the north and are eating our harvest. Wait you weren't here yesterday. Could you please bring me a bucket of potatoes from the warehouse right here in the east? They should lie around everywhere. There were all kinds of stakes. I'll find a way to use them today. I will need them. Here's a glass of his favorite. My husband always says he can do it all on his own, but that's not true. He would have to be outside with the cook. Please take this as a reward. Good Luck! Not everyone can call themselves one of us. She was drinking with you alot yesterday.

You earned this. This is not as much as before, but at least it's something. Thank you! Wow, you actually did it!

If successful, please contact Roland Nilsson in Waldenbach. Rewards: 10 , 260 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, Leather Legwraps. He should have your stein with him. For that I would need potatoes. I bet they're still in the house. The summer feast is coming to town soon, so we will need a lot of meat. In the meantime you can look down to Kis Oliver and see if you can help him. Could you deliver this pitchfork to Karekin Rudyard? They grow right here in the west. Rewards: 90 , 700 EXP, Greater Healing Potion. Hey courier. If successful, please contact Roland Nilsson in Waldenbach. The Jinjin Fighters here in the south are threatening the vllagers. Her lair is all the way back in the farthest depths of the forest. Maybe you will find him. It is just out of town to the west. Rewards: 25 , 521 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, Leather Grasps. I'm unable to read the writing in this book. Could you pay her a visit? Just follow the path to the right of us and up through the wineyard. Only when your time has come will you be able to ascend to a priest of the Glynphyra Cult. Last night was fun. Now that my helper isn't here yet, you'll have help me. The Rudyard's own the large farm across the road - their house is directly south of the inn.Starting Items: New Pitchfork.

Let me guess, my wife sent you to ask if I caught something? I think the fragments belong to a destroyed geode. He is too lazy to do it himself again. You are searching for work? But watch out, Oscar is our best man here. Try to kill 5 of them. These Jinjin Trolls are attacking and stealing from us for several days now. Please bring the Big Fish I caught to my wife right away. Ok, this will take a bit. Yoo-hoo, he's finally here! Can you go help him?

Now I only have one last chance. The field is just south of the farm. Thank you so much! I'm afraid she's in the woods with the Pastan Blobs. Ah you must be the exterminator. Now I have proof that the Pastan Blobs are responsible for this. Rewards: 600 , 2400 EXP, Warden of Fury. You have good timing, I am nearly finished cooking. Your training will be tough but if you make it you will become one of us: a battle-hardened Royal Bears soldier. Rewards: 200 , 1600 EXP, Incarnated Hide Feet. I have to finish picking the berries today or my boss will get angry. Now my little Rufus can fool around without me worrying so much. Rewards: 100 , 1100 EXP, Greater Healing Potion. Rewards: 190 , 2300 EXP, Restored Ivory Boots. Here is the reward for your effort. Can you please gather the rest of the Aseona Berries, so Rufus does not eat them? Oh what should I do with this useless boy. I think a good start would be the caves south of here. Here is your delivery. Hello Traveller. Tasks: 0/18 Honey0/12 Wild Bee0/10 Wild Bee Keeper. I can't find it anymore, and it's got all the incoming and outgoing goods inside. Now my warriors can sleep better at night. I lost my Teddy Bear while playing. It has be be 23 o'clock. I need the old letters from my grandfather. My friend Rainbald Ilbert needs your help. I need to tend to the boys. Rewards: 80 , 600 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, War Axe. It won't work without it. Rewards: 520 , 1950 EXP, Vile Bronzed Cleaver. See if you can find any samples, then I'll be able to determine whether or not the mine is still worth something.

It is always good to see one of us. You didn't do badly. Here, for you. I think I have bad news for my husband. I just Arrived To Kurast And When I Was Doing The Quest Blade Of The Old Religion, I Turned On The Fire In The Demon Child Camp But The Dagger Dont Appear, I looked Everywere And Killed Every Mob Before Arrive Tranvical, I Even Restarted D2 But The Dagger Is Still Missing, I Suppose I Can Arrive Mephisto Whithout Doing This Quest, But I Think Is Not Good, And The Quest Most Be Done, Any Idea How To Fix This Problem? Bring me its head, if it really exists. The mob isnt spawning/comming out of invis. Can you *hic* tell my wof-w-wife I'll be late today. Hello my friend. You there, new guy!

You can claim them once a day in the Player Hub! Otherwise I cannot get to the field. You should tell my boss, Karekin Rudyard, that we were successful. I bet we caught a few last night, can you bring me 5 trapped rats? The first thing you could do is bringing me some crates with wheat. It seems to be some kind of grave. That mine is riddled with spiders. I'm relieved that he hasn't been hurt. These are excellent news, soldier. I'm not good at something like that. They should be in the field on the right from here. Wow, you keep impressing me again and again. What?! Rewards: 177 , 1200 EXP, Strong Healing Potion. Could you bring me some Utesbi Berries? He should be somewhere north from here. Raita Kangro, my boss's wife, lost her jewelry somewhere in the field last night. Let me guess. You are a strong warrior. The leader of Skywing Camp is called Ryland the Ravager. Rewards: 650 , 2600 EXP, Fearful Hide Boots. Have the same issue on normal. I saw some Leaf Beetles scurrying behind the farmhouse recently. Great. Rewards: 99 , 721 EXP, Greater Energy Potion. Those rats are everywhere. On the way there you will definitely encounter skeletons, so clean the burial chamber while you are at it.

I recommended you. If anybody sees me with you, my disguise is busted. He will tell you everything else in detail. Tasks: 0/200 Iron Plate0/200 Strong Strap, Rewards: 500 , 3000 EXP, Banner Armorsmith. I cannot do this today anymore and I am sure you are already on the way in that direction. Would you mind helping out an old fella? Wow, you really don't shy away from any kind of work. Rewards: 550 , 1700 EXP, Lich Leather Stranglers. That's a problem we can solve. Kill him maybe we will find out what Serezith is up to. You're looking for work? The leader of the trolls is Rakash. Here, take this old bow and shoot at the blue targets. Rewards: 160 , 3000 EXP, Silver Longsword. Here is your reward. Wait, you aren't one of them? I won't have time for anything else! I had to flee immediately because I could not fight against them. I'm going to mix the essence with black powder and set up bombs in the camp. I'm very sorry. Thank you very much. I will try to translate it. Now just the incantation: Anleg del 'cedar iz elmspur sch' ishnu ala. A few days ago a homeless person set up camp on the west edge of the forest. For that, you have to enter her burial chamber and mourn at her grave. Maybe you can help him. This should be an ancient geode that contains crystals. Kill them and bring me their stingers. Excellent. He does not talk much, but he hits very hard. My son and daughter headed east to play and pick berries. Are you one of those trolls again? Would you please check on his grave and clean it a bit? Oh, you are looking for a job?

It really is a total mess here. I just finished repairing Kimo Forster's weapon. Him and the other villagers have problems with some trolls. Welcome to the headquarters of the Royal Bears!

Have you always dreamed of becoming a soldier of the Royal Bears? *cry* What will I do now? Wow, thank you very much. Oh great, I have been waiting for this! Here's a little compensation for your work. I would still like to ask you a little favor. Rewards: 200 , 900 EXP, Boots of Ending Sorrow. Maybe you find something in Bitterburg. Hey shtranger. Just go there and talk to them. Rewards: 50 , 730 EXP, Greater Healing Potion. The wild boars roam around here in the north and south in the forest. They're right here in the north in the swamp. Ok, so here is what I know: While you were drinking last night, you got into some sort of argument with one of the bandits. What? Dieter has a crush on me? Tasks: 0/1 Mutated PlantThis plant looks fully grown.0/1 Mutated PlantThis plant looks full-grown0/1 Mutated PlantThis plant looks fully grown. Have it your way. Deliverer, can you please bring the gift to my wife Mirella. If you see Catherine, could you tell her that I'm back in town? Supposedly, there is a grave that contains an unimaginable treasure within it. You can have a look at it. Rewards: 1200 , 4000 EXP, Geode, Book: Broken Geode. We have to destroy the spider cocoons now so that doesn't happen. But I don't believe you can. You must help us, please.

The way you tell it, Jakra seems to be the leader of the group. Can you take a look at it? Hmm you still haven't found your stein? He's definitely at his stall in the East. I already finished eating.Serve Jeppe Ezekiel Thanks. That makes me very happy and could mean a lot of money for us. Here is a reward for your efforts. Whoever hunts him down will be highly rewarded. In the east from here, on the other side of the road, we got two more corn fields. Your soul seems to be pure. Unfortunately, I can't read.

Just hurry up next time please. Rewards: 90 , 710 EXP, Rugged Leather Fists. Then show me what you can do with the bow. They eat all the harvest. Im having issues not being able to get the catalyst of disenchantment from the smith, I killed him 6 times, wtf? Thank you for taking on this difficult task. Please tell Dionisio Borino that you have been successful and that we can now start our work. Rewards: 33 , 480 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, Rusty Needle. Could you please tell Mrs. Leili Mannik that the wedding can take place next week? Tasks: Ask the innkeeper about your stein. Rewards: 6 , 200 EXP, Healing Potion, Wool Footpads. We have already found a way to use the power of the crystals. Rewards: 100 , 2400 EXP, Fall of Regrets, Armor of Domination.

Because in this part, there are still monsters and I'm not good at fighting. I just sent a message by courier that I was looking for you. Thank you. Rewards: 400 , 2000 EXP, Royal Bear Crate. I fought against the trolls west from here when that happened. I need a few more ingredients for dinner. We have to immediately tell my husband Casamir that the grapes are not as good as they should be. Sure, I got something for you. Ew, they taste really bad. Okay, good. But I can't go in, the place is crawling with gigantic man-eating spiders! Nobody died. I think he wanted to explore the Abandoned Cemetery tomorrow. Good luck with your search for your stein. Can you fetch me some Training Weapons from the warehouse right here in the west? I think it's gonna take me a while to figure out if the goods are here yet. Can you help us? I haven't seen him for hours. My eyes are not so good anymore, and I tend to forget a lot of things lately. In the eastern part of the mine, we are mining granite and processing it immediately to Granite Slabs. Collect 7 Chopped Wood which I chopped this morning. His name is Rylan Camama. Could you help us to drive them out? Kill the beetle so we can take the field back. I've known her since we were 3 years old. I solemnly give you your fightstaff. Mobile versions of this guide will be available for download as soon as WWW version is ready.

This article is a stub. But their leader still has my jewelry with him. You can find them here on this field in the north. Kill it and you'll get your reward. Let's continue with the Old East Mine where Skuolium used to be mined. They have a hiding place for all the stolen goods here in the south. That was awesome. He was going to fight the trolls there. Can you check in the storage if I still have some dried mucus? Soldier, we have to find a way into Bitterburg Keep, but the gate is blocked with some kind of magic. In the meantime, I'll tell the workers in here. I think the Royal Per.Bears probably have sum in their warehouse. She should be on stage by now, but I can't find her. Hello, stranger. You look strong. Rewards: 490 , 1820 EXP, Bloodied Rapier. We suspect that they have hidden their loot in a cave west of here. Hope you got some good news for me, soldier. You'll find the skeletons in the Bitterburg Ruins. Then tomorrow I will visit her to measure um the chair uh, I'm measuring the table. Welcome, warrior! Here's a little reward. Since my useless husband is drunk again you might as well help me out while you're here. Thank you for helping us. Can you please bring this wine next to me to Rolando in Geledur? Kill it! That's from here to the west and then up. You have to help me, I was just doing my work and all of a sudden I was surrounded by frogs. This pitchfork must go to the family Mustow today. We have not seen each other for such a long time, I am glad that he is back. He's our carpenter. I will start working on my formula now, but I have one more request. I will tell Sirbumri Cavefeet that you have been a big help to us. Could you look after him and see if he's all right?

Can you please tell my dad how stupid my brother was today? Can you bring me eight Purple Forest Mushrooms from Brihm Forest? I think I saw a second part of the cave. Thank you adventurer. Thank you very much. Here, take this as reward. I think I know what I need to cure the bugs. GO GO! Let me have a look at that. We'll start with something simple. They probably hid it in their cave. I'll make my way to Geledur as soon as possible. Could you please tell me what time it is? I'm glad to hear. Can you look for them and tell them to come home? Had it happen once that the boss didn't arrive within screen.

He wanted to have it as fast as possible to continue with his experiments. Oh, that's good to hear. The Gidbinn blade, you will find while exploring Spider Forest. *hic* Thisss is the best place I know. You really are the strongest person I have ever met. Great. My wife Aska hurt her foot while butchering.

Maybe you will find something interesting there. The Bitterburg ruins are right in the south from here. Can you help me? You are looking for a stein? Ha-ha-ha. Please inform my supervisor Ingolf Weinreb in front of the mine about this tragic incident. Prove your skills. Could be a correlation doesn't mean causation moment, but it did work for me. Rewards: 410 , 1500 EXP, Strong Healing Potion. Tell those lazy bastards to get ready.

Wow, that's a lot of ore. Ma wife *hic* wanted me to get shome onions for her today. But I'd rather drink.

Quickly bring me some Lavekawa Slime. Oh, you're here to help me? This is for you. I'm completely broke Tasks: Get a drink from Haven ElliotYou buying Bailey a drink? Rewards: 361 , 1450 EXP, Fists of the Insane. Near the woods in the north-east from here lives Miss Treweek. Rewards: 490 , 2000 EXP, Strong Mana Potion. Could you please bring them 5 pieces? Yes, the spy of ours has successfully reached the camp. You've come to the right place. Luckily one of the guards intervened, so nobody got hurt. He's probably hiding somewhere in the south. I think I might really love him Oh, I just don't know What? Kill 20 Moya Crabs. There are supposed to be two guards at the south gate who should be working. Rewards: 120 , 1100 EXP, Greater Healing Potion. Unfortunately, wild bees have settled there. Rewards: 87 , 640 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, Gloves of Glory. I have a job for you. Could you bring these berries to my mother? There's an old tale about a monster named Wihmummeth that's supposed to live in the mine. Tasks: Bulletin Board (left side)The Rudyard Farm is looking for workers!Bulletin Board (right side)Here is nothing about job offers. Those are very good news. Took long enough. As a punishment, kill me 10 Mountain Wasps, soldier! Hmmm, I don't know if I can help you with that. Just follow the way here, then you'll find him. Could you bring it back to me? She will have some work for you. I can't, or I'll lose my cover. Welcome, Warrior. Just look at the size of that thing! You will have no trouble finding them, they are everywhere around here. We're celebrating a bachelor party here in Waldenbach but we have lost our friend Nando Steck. They just came out of the forest. *Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiill hiiiiiiiim* I miss him.

Our field worker Plamen Lambert sure has some work for you, if you want to do something useful.

Who the hell are you? Ah, while you're here. That's a lot of Skuolium! Can you bring the boar poop to Casamir? They have stolen my food, and I think they live in the cellar. My grandpa told me in the past that there is a treasure somewhere in Bitterburg. I think he was the one who killed Sakari. They should be out here by now. They're pretty rare but if you'll look carefully you will be able to spot them. There is a cemetery where you should find Axel Olofsson. You are one of us. Rewards: 89 , 621 EXP, Greater Mana Potion. Thank you very much, my friend. The important thing is that I got my delivery. Unfortunately, I can not read the font. Let's see if the food is as bad today as it was yesterday. There will be a festival in the village soon and we don't have enough meat in stock. Here, for you. The chickens lay their eggs all over the farm and my boss wants me to bring her all the ones I find every single day. Please bring me a bucket of meat from the barn right here in the north.

Rewards: 40 , 499 EXP, Healing Potion, Greater Healing Potion. Rewards: 470 , 1800 EXP, Lavekawa Energy Potion. You hear a low tone and a shock hits you. The Royal Bears drink a lot and all have their own steins as far as I know. Shortly after most of the guests either left or went to bed, but I might have seen one of the bandits acting in a really shady way after the party. We shouldn't be seen together. Here take this club, you'll need it.Starting Items: Stone Baton. I have not seen it. I'll be in the inn shoon. One of my workers should still be there, talk to him. Rewards: 28 , 400 EXP, Greater Healing Potion, Vile Shortsword. For this reason, we are training more and more recruits. Rewards: 300 , 1400 EXP, Lavekawa Energy Potion. Were you talking to those bandits? When you're done, come back to me and tell me how it went. But there are those wasps everywhere. I need a lot of Derkiz Essence and Derkiz Slime. You can find him indoor. Tell my father Kalos Karlsen that the party will soon be over and that he should no longer get on my nerves. You can bring this teddy bear to my daughter. AVENGE Sakari!!! Help! I'm sure I can use them in my fertilizers. But let me tell you, there have to be some ghosts here. Okay. I haven't completely won their trust yet, but they should let us meet Black Eye after one more job. You can tell the story of this quarrel to my wife in the kitchen, but I don't think it was that bad. I hope he can help you. Kill 10 of them for me. First the Necklace of the mayor's wife, then the innkeeper's trinket and lastly the Rudyard family's rings. Ah great, you came. Please tell Dieter that I'm not sure if I love him back.