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Players who can't get enough of the Dark Brotherhood, and assassin gameplay in general, should definitely check out these mods.

Part of Skyrim's enduring popularity is the game's massive modding community, filled to the brim with talented and dedicated mod authors.

Crime Overhaul, although a bit of an old mod now, adds a little more immersion for criminal builds like the assassin.

Furthermore, a player's conduct while performing a mission doesn't typically hold a lot of weight.


: Location Damage SKSE 0.7 . 4 . For all its fun and replayability, there's often a disappointing lack of freedom in Skyrim when quests are concerned. All playstyles should benefit from this simple, yet practical mod.

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Luckily for the player, Skyrim's guards are woefully inept.

The mod, as the name suggests, vastly increases the potency of Skyrim's poisons, making them a significant force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Along with the various tweaks, the mod also adds sixteen new alchemical effects and 100 unique ingredients.

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Don't join the Dark Brotherhood again without this one! There's even an alternate ending to the Dark Brotherhood questline players might witness if certain choices are made throughout their journey.

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Skyrim is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch. : 1.

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: The Brotherhood is Dark mod adds a hardcore element to the proceedings.

Making decisions is what Your Choices A Dark Brotherhood Expansion is all about. RELATED: Skyrim Special Edition: Secretly Evil Characters. This mod actually requires the player to be an efficient assassin to make it in the Dark Brotherhood.

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It's definitely a must-have mod for stealthier playthroughs.

Much like other aspects of the gameplay, several mods exist that seek to improve this aspect of the experience.

Locational Damage is a handy mod that makes the game feel a tad more realistic. With these nifty add-ons in one's load order, it will be hard to go back to the familiar vanilla gameplay again.

The Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys mod, however, takes a unique take on the guild.

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Perks play an important role in a character's overall progression in Skyrim. Items such as blackjacks, elemental arrows, and concealing masks all strive to make assassins even deadlier. His other interests include horror movies, toy soldier collecting, and anything Batman-related. The Alchemy system is reworked from the ground up with this mod. . . , , NPC

The same applies to enemies as well.

Fans who like roleplaying as someone other than the legendary Dragonborn should check out this mod. Updated March 16, 2022 by Mark Hospodar: The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of those rare games that manages to be timeless.

The mod adds new quests while altering existing ones.

Its members commit murder for gold while worshipping a primordial deity of chaos.

Sneak Tools incorporates new weapons into the game geared specifically toward stealthy characters.

Any aspiring assassin looking to further hone their alchemical repertoire should give this mod a shot. Skyrim will always bring players back into the fold. Deadly Combat,Duel - Combat Realism,ACE,SkyRe

The vanilla game, however, can fall a bit short in this department, as poisons can often feel underpowered. If focusing on a stealthy build has become tiresome over the years, this collection of stellar mods will certainly spice things up a bit. - , NPC From an immersion standpoint, it's a little odd that guilds in Skyrim don't really enforce their own strict rules.

The Truly Deadly Poisons mod fixes this shortcoming. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

These mods make these aspects even better. , , .

, , . They also won't give up as easily if they suspect the player is in their vicinity.

- , , The Alchemy skill, in particular, tends to be highly prioritized by stealthy builds due to the abundance of poisons that can be crafted.

Mods that throw even more locations into the mix are common sights on places like Nexus. 2. There's not a tremendous amount of moral ambiguity when it comes to the Dark Brotherhood.

Be warned, however, that this new potency goes both ways. They unlock new abilities that aid the player in defeating steadily tougher foes. In Skyrim, a true assassin should never be seen by his enemies.


There are a lot of comical moments that can result from Skyrim's gameplay.

. For example, a headshot will now deal more damage than a shot to the arm. Mods that further add to that variety are worth some attention. Data , Skyrim SE. :kaso However, his love of gaming has never dissipated over the years. When making an assassin build more feasible, the AI needs to be a little smarter to prevent the game from becoming too easy.

Obviously, being an assassin isn't a legal, nine-to-five job.

Those who don't want the story or assassinations to stop should check out The Brotherhood of Old. Failing to execute contracts in a stealthy manner or disrespecting the guild too many times results in permanent expulsion. This mod, as its name suggests, incorporates a new sewer system underneath the existing cities of Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm.

Players that are poisoned will suffer much more damage, so stock up on plenty of potions!

Dossiers for the various contracts are provided, to establish some backstory for the guild's victims and let players know exactly who they're killing.

For that, players can't go wrong with Complete Alchemy And Overhaul.

As Skyrim's new Listener, the player character is tasked with strengthening the Dark Brotherhood's position in the region, thereby rebuilding the weakened guild.

Skyrim SE

Fortunately, assassins have plenty of tools at their disposal to get the job done.

The Realistic AI Detection mod is a great place to start making Skyrim more challenging.

Being a faithful follower of Sithis grants bonuses to one's assassination abilities, making for an all-around more effective cutthroat. - ,

A history teacher by training, Mark has branched out into the fields of fiction and non-fiction writing.

He has co-authored several published works, including Future Imperfect and Tales from the Grimacing Goblin.

Enter Ordinator Perks of Skyrim.

: 50% 10 Heavier weapons, such as warhammers, will cause foes to stagger more often due to the bulk of the item.

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There are plenty of ways to experience Skyrim, but one of the most rewarding is playing as an assassin.

Foes are upgraded with enhanced hearing capabilities and sharper lines of sight. 14 : Nevertheless, it's not a stretch to imagine that many longtime players probably roll their eyes at the thought of having to complete the Helgen sequence for the umpteenth time.

From a gameplay perspective, however, Skyrim's belief system is almost nonexistent.

For assassin players, the Dark Brotherhood questline should be of obvious interest.

This list has been expanded with even more stellar add-ons that should spice up assassin gameplay quite a bit. Alternate Start - Live Another Life is one of Skyrim's most popular mods. The AI in Skyrim, especially when sneaking is concerned, is comically underwhelming.

Part of the fun of playing Skyrim is roleplaying as a particular character/build.

For assassins wanting to pull off impressive sniper shots, this can be frustrating.

Establishing consequences for one's actions goes a long way towards building the kind of immersion that's crucial for roleplaying. , - , . SkyUI(SE) Although it's certainly showing its age, Skyrim is still quite a large game. It can be a neat addition for assassin roleplayers, who can utilize the sewers for swift getaways or crafty infiltrations.

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It's common for enemies to be blithely unaware of the player's existence while only inches apart.

Nothing beats watching one's character get pierced through the eye with an arrow and seeing them shrug it off as if it were nothing. Players intending on becoming assassins can even start right off the bat at the Dark Brotherhood's doorstep.

Player characters know full well what they're getting into with the Dark Brotherhood. Mark Hospodar has been an avid gamer ever since he fired up the original Medal of Honor on his PS1.

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Accidental attacks on NPCs are also more forgiving when this mod is installed, so swing away with that sword!

MORE: Skyrim: Quality Of Life Mods We Can't Live Without. Talk about pressure! Players won't get away with their ill-gotten gains quite so easily with this mod, although experienced fans still won't have too hard of a time. RELATED: Skyrim: The Best Graphics Mods You Need To Install. Getting away with murder isn't nearly as hard as it sounds in the land of the Nords.

: The mod also adds new interactions, such as knocking out unsuspecting enemies or slitting their throats.

Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood is among the game's best questlines, and playing an assassin is a fun challenge. : 50% 10

As such, branching narrative paths are established.

There's no shortage of death-dealing implements at the player's disposal in Skyrim.

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This mod adds 24 new quests for the Dark Brotherhood, which can be started after the conclusion of the original mission arc. Assassins can wield a variety of weapons composed of daggers, bows, poisons, and even magic. : 0% 10 ,

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A good, old-fashioned RTS title will always bring him back into the fold. :

Deadly Mulitation ? Religion plays a conspicuous role in The Elder Scrolls, especially in Skyrim, where a conflict over worship has erupted into a civil war.

: However, when focusing on a pure assassin build, the standard Sneak tree leaves much to be desired.

As with the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood operates outside the bounds of the law.

This particular mod adds a wealth of new perks for every skill tree in the game, which allows for more detailed roleplaying mechanics.

The perk tree for the Sneak skill with Ordinator installed contains plenty of useful abilities for an assassin, making the overall build far more diverse and layered.

Don't suffer through that wagon sequence ever again!

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The worst players have to deal with is the paying of a fine. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

Chief among its features is a revamped dialogue system that gives the player more options for roleplaying. Now, player characters have the option of adhering to and worshipping a deity.

Nevertheless, fans can conquer that particular quest line in a relatively short amount of time.

Speaking of potions and poisons, Skyrim's vanilla Alchemy system has undoubtedly become woefully boring for longtime players.

One interesting location mod that assassins may find intriguing is Skyrim Sewers 4.


Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim fixes that problem. : 20%/40% Part of the enduring charm of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is the freedom players have in crafting their characters.

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With 8-12 hours of additional gameplay, there should be plenty to occupy an assassin's time.

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