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Helps you identify the distribution of health information across your files. To completely remove the Cloud Data Sense instance, you can manually remove the Data Sense instance from your cloud providers portal or on-prem location.

Discover your S3 Buckets via NetApp Cloud Manager. 0000038175 00000 n The compliance scan doesnt heat up the cold datait stays cold and tiered to object storage.

When Data Sense detects Personal Identifiable Information (PII), or when it performs a DSAR search, only the following file formats are supported: .CSV, .DCM, .DICOM, .DOC, .DOCX, .JSON, .PDF, .PPTX, .RTF, .TXT, .XLS, .XLSX, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Data transfer costs depend on your setup. This provides your organization with unified privacy visibility across different cloud providers.

NetApp cant guarantee 100% accuracy of the personal data and sensitive personal data that Cloud Data Sense identifies. It visualizes your data for you at all times.Watch how Rick figures out his data cluster. A dialog displays a message that the reports are being downloaded.

Select your working environment by using NetApp Cloud Manager. After a fast scan, you can generate a Data Mapping Report. It maps your organizational data, categorizes each file, and identifies and extracts entities and predefined patterns in the data. Yes. The following questions relate to the Cloud Manager Connector. Currently Cloud Compliance scans data managed by Cloud Volumes ONTAP. BYOL - or - Via cloud provider marketplace. deploy the Connector on an on-premises Linux host that doesnt have internet access, deploy Data Sense in an on-premises site that doesnt have internet access. You might want to enable Cloud Compliance on a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system that tiers cold data to object storage. The Unstructured Directories Data Report includes the following information about your folders and file shares: Storage repository (for example, a folder or file shares). In Cloud Manager, you click Compliance and use the provided dashboard and reporting tools to help in your compliance efforts. 0000001645 00000 n Cloud Manager users can only see information for the working environments they are eligible to view according to their workspace privileges.

0000138373 00000 n accurate detection of personal or sensitive information. Additional costs might be required in the future for customized capabilities. hb``g``+c`c`~ADX,Lc@9{&4Thz'@. %i`6P? d ,o @PIhs% 8/3D;0p_^

The systems can be working environments that youve added to the Cloud Manager Canvas and many types of data sources that Data Sense can access over your networks.

Cloud Data Sense provides out-of-the-box insights to your data. You can also see files broken down by category and file type.

0000009210 00000 n The percentage of files containing credit card information that are on encrypted or unencrypted working environments. Cloud Data Sense calculates the severity score for the Privacy Risk Assessment Report on the basis of three variables: The percentage of personal data out of all data. 0000002927 00000 n

Learn more about the use cases for Cloud Data Sense. Click Governance, and then click the Full Data Mapping Overview Report button from the Governance Dashboard. Comply with new and upcoming data privacy regulations. The Data Investigation Report is a download of the contents of the Data Investigation page. 0000037201 00000 n In AWS, Cloud Compliance runs on an m5.4xlarge instance with a 500 GB GP2 disk. If you have strict networking requirements, learn about the endpoints that Cloud Compliance contacts. For all working environments: Lists the number of files and the used capacity for each working environment. Data Sense can only scan data from data sources that are local to the on-premises site. 0000037847 00000 n As of October 7th, 2020, the first 1 TB of data that Cloud Compliance scans in a Cloud Manager workspace is free. See The Cloud Data Sense instance and Deploying Cloud Data Sense for more information. 0000063168 00000 n The working environments where the credit card information was found and whether encryption and ransomware protection are enabled. Cloud Data Sense lets you analyze a wide and growing range of data sources. Data mapping is based on metadata and is considered a fast scan. Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP) label functionality cant be integrated. Cloud Data Sense enables you to run a general "mapping" scan or a full "classification" scan on your data sources. Installing Cloud Compliance requires deploying a cloud instance, which results in charges from the cloud provider where it is deployed. The following reports are available for Data Sense: Provides privacy insights from your data and a privacy risk score. See pricing for details.

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0000011818 00000 n Easily locate and report on specific data in response to data subjects, as required by GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy regulations. 0000003146 00000 n Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology, Cloud Compliance helps organizations understand data context and identify sensitive data. The instance is named CloudCompliance with a generated hash (UUID) concatenated to it. 0000005680 00000 n

You can enable it on existing working environments from the Compliance tab (on first activation only) or by selecting a specific working environment. See the difference between a mapping and classification scan.

You must deploy a Connector to use Cloud Data Sense.

From the Cloud Manager left navigation menu, click Data Sense. When initially adding new data sources you can also choose to only perform a "mapping" scan instead of a full "classification" scan. It then scans the data on Cloud Volumes ONTAP and indexes the data insights found.

If the Connector is installed on-prem, it deploys the Cloud Compliance instance in same VPC or VNet as the first Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in the request. You can access Cloud Compliance features from the Compliance tab in Cloud Manager. H\j0~ See the the type of instance that is deployed for each cloud provider. 0000023177 00000 n The percentage of files that include data subjects, determined by national identifiers such as national IDs, Social Security numbers, and tax ID numbers. Cloud Manager deploys the Cloud Compliance instance with a security group that enables inbound HTTP connections from the Connector instance. 0000004566 00000 n Learn more. You can manage AIP labels in the files that Cloud Data Sense is scanning if you have subscribed to Azure Information Protection (AIP). Learn more about sensitive personal data.

Click the filter drop-down, select the working environments that youd like to view data for, and click View.

0000016932 00000 n This enables you to identify when sensitive files have been moved. Deploy Cloud Manager from the AWS Marketplace, Deploy Cloud Manager from the Azure Marketplace, Deploy Cloud Manager in an Azure Gov region, Deploy Cloud Manager in the Azure Germany region, Encrypt volumes with NetApp Volume Encryption, Supported configurations for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Learn more about the use cases for Cloud Compliance, Learn more about how Cloud Compliance works. Outbound rules are completely open. Yes, Cloud Data Sense is fully integrated with Cloud Manager. When scanning data in Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure or in Azure NetApp Files, you use a connector in Azure. This is helpful because you shouldnt keep health information for longer than you need to process it. Cloud Compliance can empower you with data to help you: Comply with data compliance and privacy regulations.

0000267694 00000 n The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Report can help you identify files containing health information. Yes. 0000036314 00000 n

Cloud Manager users can only see information for the working environments they are eligible to view according to their workspace privileges.

Note that you can deploy Data Sense on a system with fewer CPUs and less RAM, but there are limitations when using these systems. You can deploy the Connector on-premises on a Linux host in your network or in the cloud. Mapping provides only a high-level overview of your data, whereas Classification provides deep-level scanning of your data. When deployed in this manner, Data Sense has the following restrictions: OneDrive accounts, SharePoint accounts, and Google Drive accounts cant be scanned. Users with the Cloud Compliance Viewer role can only view compliance information and generate reports for systems that they have permission to access. Scan performance can vary based on the network bandwidth and the average file size in your environment. Personally identifiable information such as email addresses, identification numbers, or credit card numbers. 0000001619 00000 n The following questions relate to the separate Data Sense instance. Yes, that is also supported. The number of people, by location, for which national identifiers were found. 0000031550 00000 n This is helpful because you shouldnt keep credit card information for longer than you need to process it.

When exporting to a file share, make sure Data Sense has the correct permissions for export access. 0000005769 00000 n Increase storage efficiency by identifying duplicate, stale, or non-business-related data. Cloud Compliance requires that you have deployed a Connector. Scan results display shortly after. The Privacy Risk Assessment Report provides an overview of your organizations privacy risk status, as required by privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Then you can discover on-premises ONTAP clusters and other local data sources and scan the data using Data Sense.

Enables you to extract a report of all files that contain information regarding a data subjects specific name or personal identifier. Cloud Compliance supports scanning of unstructured data over NFS and CIFS protocols.

Want to Simplify Your Data Privacy and Compliance? Data sources that have had a mapping-only scan can only generate the Data Mapping Report. ssNujYWf]YWp,~4G}FfaoF`aF. Select files are opened and scanned for sensitive business-related data, private information, and issues related to ransomware.

The information offered by Cloud Compliance can be relevant to other stakeholders in your organizations, so we enable you to generate reports to share the insights.

Learn more about Cloud Manager roles and how to add users with specific roles.

0000032928 00000 n 0000024605 00000 n In many cases you already have a Connector because of other storage and services you are using in Cloud Manager. Yes. If you reach a BYOL capacity limit, Data Sense continues to run, but access to the Dashboards is blocked so that you cant view information about any of your scanned data.

When scanning data in Cloud Volumes ONTAP in GCP, you use a Connector in GCP. 0000004791 00000 n 0000025971 00000 n

0000257645 00000 n

No. Cloud Compliance deploys another layer of Artificial Intelligence alongside your Cloud Manager system and Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(525875, '6c826a81-9397-4d64-a961-932d4a6076a1', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); DatasheetRequest a Demo, Data availability, ownership, completeness, and quality are crucial for business efficiency and cost optimization. To completely remove the Cloud Compliance instance, you can manually remove the Cloud Compliance instance from your cloud providers portal.

You can deploy the Connector on an on-premises Linux host that doesnt have internet access.

The working environments where the health information was found and whether encryption and ransomware protection are enabled.

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5 Steps for Dealing with Unstructured Data, Always-on Data Privacy Controls and Compliance Insights for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, How Artificial Intelligence Shapes the Next Generation of Data Management and Compliance, Cloud Compliance and Data Privacy: What You Need to Know, How to Prepare for CCPA Compliance: A Practical Guide for Data Controllers. In Azure, Cloud Compliance runs on a Standard_D16s_v3 VM with a 512 GB disk. You should always validate the information by reviewing the data.

This documentation is for a previous release of Cloud Manager. Data scans have a negligible impact on your storage systems and on your data.

0000017269 00000 n Data governance is first and foremost about knowing what data you own and where every little piece is. 0000009939 00000 n

In Azure, Cloud Data Sense runs on a Standard_D16s_v3 VM with a 512 GB disk. 0000036945 00000 n 0000030825 00000 n

See Using a smaller instance type for details.

Pre-defined policies based on regulatory requirements, Designed for modern day data types and scale, Understands data context to provide robust and accurate, Automated Data Subject Access Request Reports, Automated Data Protection Impact Analysis Report, Automated Alerts to identify potential compliance policy risks, Pre-defined parameters (Patterns, Categories and Policies), The Role of Privacy and Compliance in Cloud Storage.

Unlike traditional solutions that depend on regular expressions and pattern matching, NetApp Cloud Compliance leverages AI to provide contextual understanding of data for accurate detection of personal or sensitive information. Cloud Compliance uses artificial intelligence to automatically discover, classify, and protect sensitive data in Amazon S3 buckets. trailer <]/Prev 1328807>> startxref 0 %%EOF 153 0 obj <>stream Address data subject access requests in seconds. AI Driven Data Discovery, Classification and Protection.

It can also depend on the size characteristics of the host system (either in the cloud or on-premises). Cloud Data Sense generates a PDF report that you can review and send to other groups as needed. The following questions provide a general understanding of Cloud Data Sense. Learn more about how Cloud Data Sense works. 0000000016 00000 n

This may take a few minutes. In the right-hand pane, enable Cloud Data Sense. The timeframe in which the files were last modified.

In conjunction with the Policies feature, you can send email alerts to Cloud Manager users (daily, weekly, or monthly) when a Policy returns results so you can get notifications to protect your data.

Lists the number of files that exist within certain size ranges in your working environments. Data Sense supports NFS versions 3.x, 4.0, and 4.1, and CIFS versions 1.x, 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0. A breakdown of the types of personal data found, as well as the categories of data.