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All other company and product names referenced herein are the property of their respectiveowners. This trend may stem from how simple it is to hop online and apply for credit cards without having to get off the couch and find a stamp. Consumers will likely remain loyal to the brands that have consistently displayed empathy and relatability and can continue to connect and engage target markets in the areas where they are interested, passionate and require assistance. These best practices can help advertisers set up social media campaigns that successfully generate leads while creating ongoing engagement. bank-branded travel cards dominate the space; however, now there may be On Instagram alone, #ShowMeYourWalk was used more than 4,000 times as part of UGC posts. Based on input from 3,000 consumers, Mintel reports that direct-mail response rates to credit card offers have been declining.

Elon Musk is taking over Twitter. American Express created a solution to that problem just in time for the return of the basketball season, partnering with the NBA to provide a unique offer to cardholders. Credit card companies can incorporate account tracking within their mobile apps by adding features that automatically create budgets based on the card holders spending habits, bills, and incomes, and even auto deposit in their savings account for rainy days. Source: Acuity Knowledge Partners internal analysis. Our advice: Move forward The campaign outcome metric also varies from one channel to another. Statistical techniques such as A/B testing and experimental design can be used to compare a set of messages and identify the best messages for each group. consumer need) or, invest in balance transfer and 0% APR terms and reference in ad copy.

as consumers look for ways to manage money. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The Official Blog of Acuity Knowledge Partners, Published on November 9, 2020 by Deepak Chaturvedi.

As such, their personal finances reflect these conditions, as do their attitudes toward financial institutions. Gone are the days where co-branded credit cards offered a mundane 1% back on purchases made outside the brand. They continue to expand their credit card offerings by creating numerous co-branded cards with companies such as Starbucks and USAA. Comperemedia. See why it makes perfect sense that Capital One, Chase, Amex and Citi continue to invest in direct mail for acquisition but not to the exclusion of email, display advertising, social marketing and third-party affiliate marketing. Hosted by brand spokesperson Kevin Hart, Chase brought together a group of celebrities to host a virtual graduation ceremony in May.

A right customer is one with a high propensity to respond to the campaign.

Working with cardholders in mind, Apples new credit card uses color-coded purchases to make it easy for consumers to have a clear idea of where the money they spend goes. Today, well 152 N 4th Street This clearly shows there are similar sub-groups of customers that should be targeted based on their separate spending needs.


To participate, consumers must use the #eatitforward hashtag and tag @Discover alongside the Black-owned restaurant or food establishment of their choice. US credit card debt crossed the USD1tn mark in 2019, and each household with a credit card carried an average of USD8, 398 in credit card debt.

This enables us to learn the impact on behavior of several factors in one campaign. Discover more great ways to grow your bank or credit union with the Ultimate Guide to Successful Inbound Marketing for Your Financial Institution. Currently, one American in two has a co-branded card and 64% of them use their cards at least once a month. All Rights Reserved. It is important at this stage to also consider the frequency and channels of communication, including via direct mail, email, text messages, app-based notifications and social media platforms. Reviewing those posts is a good place to start before jumping in. Consider special rate promotions during the following seasonal times of the year: This is when consumers are the most vulnerable to larger financial institutions and more likely to "take the cheese" when shopping.

While credit standards are not getting looser, programs like VantageScore are making it easier to build a credit score. consumers receiving a credit card offer rose from 54% to 67% over nine months last year. investing in acquisition marketing. Thus, it is important to consider factors that resonate with them and increase the campaigns ROI. To ensure an effective marketing campaign amid such dynamic, sophisticated and competitive market, five important steps need to be taken: Clearly define the goals of the marketing campaign you want to run whether you want to increase revenue or re-engage customers, increase sales or build card balance. decisioning as appropriate, given the tightening of credit and more stringent

Segmenting customers based on their consumption behavior, spending preference, spending potential and preferred channel of purchase known as behavioral segmentation enables curating personalized offers and increases the ROI of the campaign. 2022 Media Logic USA, LLC.

Even with newer firms, like Apple, and more aggressive credit card marketing between companies, American Express continues to prosper. card in wallet.

Young in age but not in experience, Millennials, and Gen Zers have lived through financial crises, a global pandemic, and major societal shifts.

According to the Adobe Digital Economic Index, consumer online spending soared from March to May, and, even with a slight dip, still remained above typical holiday season spending in June. The Adobe report estimates $77 billion additional dollars were spent online during the period of March to June 2020, compared to 2019. Promotional strategies include big-ticket purchase offers of promotional pricing and deferred interest to smaller spend and get rewards, and cash-back offers. opportunity for regional and local players to fill the void.

Graphics promoting the mobile app feature older consumer segments to reinforce that the app is not only useful to younger or tech-savvy consumers with the caption, The speed you need with the simplicity you want. In addition to increasing the promotion of their mobile app, Citibank encourages consumers to get answers quickly by tagging @AskCiti on Twitter and submitting their questions via tweets. We can use some of the variables available as segmentation variables and the remainder when profiling the segments. All other trademarks or service marks contained herein are property of their respective owners. approvals. Make sure you position your card options not just for short-term gains, but for longer-term financial wellness. A test group consists of customers who actually receive campaign offers, while a control group is not exposed to any offers during the campaign period, in order to set a baseline. situation to guide marketing during this time: Consumer demand for credit hasnt necessarily declined and, if anything, it will likely increase as the country navigates what some economists are referring to as The Great Shutdown of 2020. This means credit card acquisition can and should continue butconsumer behavior has shifted abruptly and card marketers need to balance being sensitive to a rapidly changing situation while also seeking out new opportunities to add value as consumer needs evolve. carefully to validate if the absence of big issuer mail volume is an Test out a new acquisition channel or new approach using social channels. Here are the five credit card acquisition strategies highlighted in the Mintel report, with supporting examples and supplemented with Media Logics team insights: 1.

Media Logic InsightAside from attractive cash acquisition bonus opportunities, we also recommend promoting incentives tied to activation and ongoing transactions at grocery stores, warehouse clubs and pharmacies. Sources:1 Credit Card Acquisition During the COVID-19 Crisis. Reputation & Healthcare Marketing: Digital Trends in Patient Retention, Top 7 Financial Website Design Trends and Inspiration Going Into 2021, E-Commerce Shopping Cart Tips and Tricks for Driving Website Sales. With virtual learning keeping students at home and traditional graduation ceremonies on hold, Chase created a memorable experience to connect their brand to young adult audiences. Tags: contactless payments, COVID-19, credit card acquisition, credit card marketing, credit card marketing strategy, financial services marketing, offers, social media for financial services. Even though many brick-and-mortar Citibank locations were closed or shortened their business hours, Citibank wants consumers to still feel secure with the Citibank mobile app providing access to all of their credit card and banking functions. Heres a look at 5 ways to overcome your customer acquisition challenges & drive the results you need. Optimizing card acquisition efforts in a digital environment. Email: And, of course, credit cards are the primary payment method for online transactions. Trillions of dollars are processed globally through the 2.8bn credit cards in use. To complement a recently restructured and rebranded loyalty program and better compete in the increasingly competitive landscape of hotel co-brand products, Hyatt and Chase turned to Media Logic to help refresh their co-brand credit card. in acquisition mail volume coincides with increased spend in search engine In addition to carefully In fact, lack of credit education can give credit cards and the companies that issue them a bad reputation amongst consumers. Credit card providers offer a wide range of cards to cover customers spending needs from hotels and dining, travel and air mile offers, online shopping, electronics, home improvement, clothing and camping tools to corporate spending.

Industry studies suggest that if a provider fails to exceed customer expectations, 57% of its customer base is likely to stop buying from it due to competitors providing a better experience. The dedicated data science practice was launched in 2019, supported by 15 years of experience in providing quantitative and technology solutions to our clientele.

If you're honest and transparent with customers they will make yours their primary credit card and will end up trusting your FI as their one-stop shop for all their banking needs!

Do you want to understand the best way to reach the right people with the right messages at the right time? by using Custom Audience and targeting using Facebook data is now restricted. As consumer values continue to evolve, and the interest for contactless and electronic payment methods rise, the credit card wars have been reignited, and the battle for market share and long-term loyalty among credit card brands remains fiercely competitive. Credit unions that dont hop on board with the latest tactics and trends will simply find themselves buried in the dust Agency Services, Credit Union Marketing, Digital, Financial Services, Marketing, Project Spotlight, Strategy.

With people building their credit scores more easily, credit card companies are using this as an opportunity to advertise to a greater percentage of people who would be considered subprime (FICO score below 670 or so).

These groups are selected by random sampling in each segment separately, keeping the difference between the test group and the control group statistically significant. Design the campaign and specify measures of effectiveness: The response rate is considered to be the minimum baseline for measuring the effectiveness of any campaign. A number of options are available in the market, and selecting the right tool for your business can make all the difference a small organization with a growing business may have needs and a budget very different to those of a global consumer bank. Media Logic InsightWe agree that an aspirational card sell is best avoided right now, preferring pragmatic card offers, a narrow focus on benefits/features (including digital tools) and capabilities.

Are your customers going with huge national credit card companies offering all kinds of perks, rewards, or flyer miles, only to find themselves having paid the minimum payment and now have a large balance with a rate of 30% or higher? Walking with consumers on their financial health journey, finding new value in sharing and collaborating with brands, shifting to digital offers, and targeting previously subprime groups are just a few ways you can set your credit card company apart from the crowd. Don't worry you're not alone. Credit Card Acquisition During the COVID-19 Crisis, The Resurgence of Member-Get-Member Referral Campaigns, Integration of Direct Mail Increases Response, Improves Campaign ROI, How Capital One and Walmart Encourage New Card Migration and Usage. 2021 Digital Media Solutions, LLC. A study by MediaPost showed that 13% of credit card offers are made on card issuers websites, 10% are delivered via third-party websites, 6% by mobile apps, and 6% through social media. While there are technical aspects to making sure an email message gets to its intended destination, its important to always keep the consumer top of mind.

Shopping trends associated with COVID-19 are driving increased Instead, use short online applications and instant

Customer acquisition challenges are universal, but finding the right solutions shouldnt be hard. Designing campaigns that do not discriminate by, for example, ethnicity, color and age, may be required in certain markets. How inbound marketing works for financial institutions to better drive loan and account growth and bring in new customers! With the rise of digital wallets and alternative payment systems, it is critical that bankers get the target mix right for campaigns by geography, demographic and financial parameter. Elevating incentives for services that consumers are purchasing third party delivery apps or streaming services could resonate with some consumers. While we can improve the reach of a marketing campaign by creating catchy and attention-grabbing headings, it is important not to sensationalize the message and only convey what can be backed up and does not mislead customers. and established social media opportunities (like Facebook Groups, Twitter chats and influencer marketing on Instagram). Mintel: Amplify the digital call to actionDirect mail offers should lead with and amplify online response so prospects dont have to leave home and physically mail applications.

7 Inspirational Travel Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Visitors. More people, such as students who might not use credit as much, will be brought into the credit rating system increasing their eligibility for credit cards. Although the risk of mail spreading the virus has been +1 412 230 8851

With holiday shopping comes holiday returns, and savvy retailers must leverage the post-holiday return season to drive website visits, in-store traffic and incremental sales while collecting data.

Once we have identified our segments, we profile each segment to understand factors such as its spending behaviors and preferences, demographics, spending level, and income and credit situation.

To resonate with the new needs of their target audience, Capital One launched the Learn and Grow financial literacy page in March, with content, including coronavirus-related financial scams and stimulus check best practices, promoted across social media channels. Mintel recently published a concise summary1 of credit card acquisition strategies that could bolster marketing campaigns during COVID-19. Mobile Technology Is Changing Restaurant Marketing: How Do You Adapt? social media for acquisitions, credit card issuers and banks face increased

Teaching people that poor credit scores can make landing a job or finding an apartment more difficult while providing tools to help them is a great way to create a connection with your members. We may be almost halfway through 2022 but the push to increase NAOs is a year-round area of focus for credit unions. executed and tracked mail programs, there may be opportunity for credit card 2022 Evk Advertising. When scaling customer acquisitions, brands often offer freemium deals that can include free items, services or memberships.

With larger credit card companies rewards may feel great, and these cards do work for some people, but others get trapped into carrying a large balance with a rising interest rate. Furthering its commitment to increasing financial literacy, in June, Capital One announced its partnership with NFL linebacker Bandon Copeland as part of a cooperative goal to raise awareness of the impact of stress on financial decision making. invest in grocery- or supermarket-related keywords, reference grocery/supermarket rewards in your ad copy (aligns with

The page promoting the NBA jersey replacement plan included the headline: Dont buy a jersey without it.. Cybersecurity Marketing Should Hint At Giving Consumers Peace Of Mind. Media Logic Insight Since your campaign efforts can and should be highly targeted and customized, we know from our experience with contactless payment marketing that messaging promoting payment safety and security transactional and now physical, too is a critical selling proposition to include.

For example, within one customer segment, we can test how people behave towards different offers or through different channels of communication.

P:407-302-4416, 211 E. Virginia Street According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, revolving consumer debt is at its lowest level since the Great Recession, falling to $996 billion nationwide in May. And in many cases, consumers dont realize that credit can affect every aspect of their lives.

Each of these channels has its own benefits and limitations in terms of reach, cost, response rate and conversion rate. There are other KPIs as well, such as the profit-to-cost ratio, the click-through rate and the conversion rate. Digital Media Solutions and its logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digital Media Solutions, LLC. marketing (SEM): Chase, Citi and AmEx increased month-over-month SEM spend by a Weight loss advertisers have tapped into a mix of digital advertising solutions, including user-generated content (UGC), content marketing and digital solutions that encourage enrollments. As you evaluate your marketing strategies and determine what is working and what must be adjusted, our team Credit Union Marketing, Digital, Financial Services, Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Strategy. email templates commerce example pinpointe ecommerce trial needed credit start card

April 2020. It turns out that the rewards card may not have been the best financial decision in the long run, and your customers will end up being worse off than they started. Here are four key marketing trends on the horizon that credit unions, banks and other players in the financial industry should keep an eye on. Mintel: Offer incentives that resonate nowTheres no better incentive then cash, Mintel observes, now that many consumers are likely concerned about their livelihoods. Member-get-member credit card acquisition has been around for some time, but were seeing the traditional paper-based execution giving way to more sophisticated, effective digital campaigns. copywriting nudge