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So lets not waste any time and check out the build. Use the Cup of Time for another time leap. If you love DPS classes in MMORPGs, then this class is for you. Twists the time, causing the time within the radius from the player to stop. It costs around 40 energy points to cast this skill. An identical same beacon will be duplicated if Gemini is not nearby when Light Beacon is activated. Trigger this Gold Tale by opening the world map and going to the Icy Lair. Only one person can be inside each Rift at a time. Deal increased damage within a certain distance of Gemini. On top of that, Soul Dancers have a spiritual half which copy their crucial skills when Shadowy Light is active. Tap the Gunslinger avatar in the upper-left corner. rate temporarily, and can be stacked to a max. For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS Like Us On Facebook Gaming Soul, Follow Us On Twitter Gaming Soul. since i know that we can buy lvl 5 gem but i cant sell it cause i bought the wrong one, Lets play together! Soul Dancer will stay at the target location temporarily. If someone else is inside, the rift entrance will disappear until they come back out.If a Line (channel) is full, you can switch to another Line.Thanks Pipi (S2 Valhalla) for the above info! When she finally appears (she was there for me at 8PM in a sunny day, but this is surely going to be different for most players), talk to her and say How can I help you?. Position Charged Implosion to get double energy on CRIT. Then, use the anchor point at 330,308 to return. YW3VR32X Conclusion build DEX/STR/INS score for Gunslinger as they increase physical attack and gives you more CRIT. When Time Expansion is used, if there is a pact with an ally and the pact partner is less than a certain distance away, pact partner will gain Time Twist.

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Soul Dancer Talk to the NPC girl and roll the dice up to five times.If you get an even number youll get a reward chest chance. Gunslinger expends all energy to cast this skill. Every time we enter a rift, we are assigned a random puzzle and location. Talk with Alfred again to hear his confession, and then back to Adele to another time leap, this time to Cassell College. are hidden mini-game instances that we can find across the world of Dragon Raja. Your task is to interact with the energy sources in the following coordinates: 106,131, then 91,128, and finally 106, 118. Sets Light Beacon on the spot, releasing control effects and bestows super armor, restores HP continuously to allies within the Beacon, HP healed increases greatly after tier 6 breakthrough. The extent of each EX is dependent on player's EX level. Thank You for this article.. If you cant find the puzzle, go to a wall and follow it in one set direction with the Third Eye skill active until you see the puzzle.Below is a solution for this puzzle in which we have to turn all of the red glowing stones green. Do you love playing mobile games? Combines magic attack with Soul Dancer to deal magic damage to target and nearby enemies while recovering a small amount of HP and gradually increasing magic damage over a certain amount of time. Can be stacke. Releases Time Zero at the target spot, which knocks enemy targets away and deals great damage. Check Out Best mobile games. Turn the target into a duckling, preventing them from attacking and greatly reducing their dual defense momentarily. The Third Eye skill is toggled via the button below our character portrait in the upper left of the game screen (circled in red below). Rifts are hidden mini-game instances that we can find across the world of Dragon Raja.

You are now inside the Icy Lair in a blurred state. Each skill has different durations, percentages, target limits, and cooldowns dependent on the skill level. Facebook team recommended EXs for different playstyles. Reply to the messages until the conversation ends, and then go check the cultivation chamber (106,118). In this Dragon Raja Gunslinger build, we will guide you through the core build, gems, talents & skills of Gunslinger class. Read our affiliate policy. NEW SERVER COMING OUT SOON- EXCELLENT GAMEPLAY!. So this would be our Dragon Raja Gunlisnger Gems build. Some of these puzzles are easy, while some are harder. If the target is controlled by the time stop within a short period of time, the duration is greatly reduced. This puzzle can be solved by activating all 4 of the stones over at the corners (2, 3, 4, 5) and the middle one. Weapons Chance to release control effects once when controlled. If you are a beginner, this class would be a good pick as its damage is pretty good and the damage is what you need to knock off the bosses and hordes of enemies in combat. Greatly increases movement speed, CRIT.

Sneak Attack to increase CRIT Rate, gain super armor.

Can be stacked. The synergy between the Soul Dancer and their twin a nightmare to enemies on the battlefield. Ask Who are you? first and then start a second conversation where you probably should choose I just wanna help Adele. Alfred will leave right after, and Adele will hopefully show up where she used to be soon enough. SupportCaster The extent of each deep talent is dependent on player level. You should know that theres a four-minute time limit to your actions in this state, and you can only do it once a day, so hurry up. Return to the helipad and interact with the icon to answer the quiz. When casted under Shadowy Light, Gemini will use this skill. Do you have any suggestions? Start by going to 297,263 where youll find Adele Gwent chatting with Bell. Movement speed reduced by around 25% + immune to control effects, Use Wind Shot and mark the enemy with Wind Mark. Speak to Adele again and say What can I do for you?. You have to select the talent based on the skill build or skill set you use while playing as Gunslinger class. The Rifts show up as a glowing, blinking sparkly purple spot in the game world. What if you could travel back in time and solve the mystery of your lovers death? Should More MMOs Revamp Older Questlines To Make Them More Streamlined? Choose the answer I just wanna find the owner, as the other good choice is probably locked for you as well, depending on your personality traits. Adele will mention a grail of blood and going back and forth through time, and to that you can either reply I understand or Its like save files in the game, something that apparently has no effect in the quest or personality traits. Once again, you only have four minutes to find and interact with three key points and then find the exit point. Shrink the player when allies are made bigger, which increases dual defenses. With powerful ranged-DPS skills, Gunslinger can knock off powerful enemies in no time. Succeeded! you say. Infinite Firepower to reduce damage taken when in heavy form. Random enemies within the field will enter a space static effect momentarily. Transformed enemies have reduced movement speed. Targets knocked over will enter Time Stop status and the cooldown of all class and EX skills locked. Duration is not reset when stacked. We can decide to stop rolling and collect our rewards at any time. Read on for Dragon Raja Gunslinger build, guide, skills & talents.

Back to Siberia Harbor and to the place in the middle of the trees where Adele likes to hang out with Alfred (163,233). Lets take a look at Gunslinger Core Build which gems should you choose? Gunslingers main element is Wind ATK so make sure to equip the Wind gems and get more skill damage. When allies under effect have full HP, their physical defense is enhanced each second instead. At the same time, it increases player's movement speed by 30% and lowers the enemies' by 20%, and lasts 10 seconds. A quick chat with Alfred shows that both men are very keen on protecting Adele.

Each ally can only be healed every few minutes with this effect. Choose Bel set it up and youll go back to Cassell College present time.

Also, In the general tab, tap the (i) symbol to check the build score. Switching to heavy form using this skill makes you immune to Delay. Adele leaves and now its up to you to find the other key points in Cassell College. rate, AP, multistrike, and increases attack power momentarily. Drag skill button to choose attack direction. Drag skill button to choose attack direction. Brief Adele about your experience and then go to the helipad at Cassell College (332,306). Speak to her by saying Have you recovered? and then start another conversation telling her I found something.. Each Rift instance can reward us with up to 100 Rift Fragments. As for the rest, weve got you covered with this Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale guide.

They are an entirely ranged class, with a second entity serving in support, referred to as Gemini. Cup of Time I always believe time will tell. This is your first and only stop for great online games and exclusive coverage! Travel to the Icy Lair and go to the area with all the computers. Gunslinger is easy to play, master and solo-player friendly. Since the game does not give much information about its skills in the beginning, you may want to know more about it before choosing it as the main class. Increased super armor duration when using a dodge skill. Theres some confusion regarding whether this is the 11th or 12th Gold Tale, but in the end thats not important, as long as you can beat it. Insert my invite code: May 8, 2020.

Soul Dancer use magic attack, CDR, and water attack. Subject to cooldown. Gain increased movement speed when receiving heals. Rift info and credits goes to AnnaBanana and Errisu (S2 Valhalla), Rift info and credits goes to AnnaBanana (S2 Valhalla), by Kagamin & ReToEFor more news and game discussions: discord.gg/edenofgaming. The exit point is at 184,204. Damage taken is reduced by 10% and movement speed is increased by 20%. Supporters Erii Uesugi, Anjou, Party Erii or Luminous, Chisei Gen. Discuss your achievements with Adele. Lay the truth on her and then choose one of the following: Forgive Alfred, Expel Alfred, or Need to think about it. Choosing either forgive or expel will achieve the anecdote title, so pick your favorite. Shell leave after the conversation and so should you. Learn more About Us. Dig deeper into the relationship of Adele and Bell, discovering why he died and who had motives to do such a deed. While pact is active, if the player's HP drops below 25%, damage taken is reduced. Rifts are hidden mini-game instances which we can find across the world of Dragon Raja. There are various types of puzzle instances for these rifts. Gunslinger class offers two skill sets that you can switch between during the battle anytime. After that, have a chat with Bell and then interact with the glowing area by his side to check his phone. He only shows up at specific times, so if he isnt there, you must keep trying until you find him he was there at 6PM once, and 11PM the next time for me.

Go to the previous place (184,204) and the Cup of Time will appear, use it. The world of Dragon Raja is a place where many heroes will rise toward a common goal, and where the Dragon Raja must face his destiny. Among the Clans the Dragon Clan was superior, possessing great wisdom and understanding, as well as the ability to ascend to the heavens and to swim in the sea. General stats are concentration, intelligence, and insight. Bell is dead, go examine his body near the computer and choose the following answer: Someone unleashed the experimental animal on Bel. You are now back in your own time. Every time we enter a rift, we are assigned a random puzzle and location. Class changes can be performed by the NPC Cygnet at Cassell College (318, 346) at the cost of gold. Adele is now in Siberia Harbor, but you may have to try a few different times because she may not be there right away (163,233). If targets were controlled by Time Stop, a second casting will last significantly less. Passively increases Gemini normal attack and Iceglare Shock damage. This effect can only be triggered once every 2 minutes. One of the four starter classes of Dragon Raja. Most importantly, they possessed immense magical power. Now you must find the Cup of Time anchor point and travel back to your time (99,128). Also, it makes you invisible, Tesla Solenoid it inflicts shock effect and PHY DMG, C- Level Talent: Precision Strike to increase CRIT DMG. Electromagnetic Storm to affect multiple targets. Guide written by Kagamin (S2 Valhalla) v1.20. Soul Dancers provide powerful support to other squad members with buffs and healing overtime. | MMONFT, Baldur's Gate 3's Latest Patch Drops Bards, Gnomes And Some Fantastic Hair, Skull And Bones Is Real And It's Releasing This November, Interview with Smart 'PsalmLab' Hopewell, creator of the Destiny 2 Fan Project, Old Chicago, MMORPG Dragon Raja Hits Mobile February 27. help i died and dont know how to respawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also reduces cooldown time for allies within a 10 meter radius of the Beacon by 40% when activated for 20 seconds. Drag skill button to choose attack direction.

Soul Dancers have 2 skill sets, but all skills can be used by the player. The greatest force in the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Lord who controlled eight legendary Rune Stones. Update Added Dragon Raja Gunslinger build, gems info. One final mention goes to the time sensitive encounters in this Tale, of which there are plenty, so make sure that you bring a substantial dose of nerves of steel before embarking on this journey. Once inside a Rift instance, many of these mini-games will require us to activate our Third Eye vision skill to find clues, where to go or to see hidden puzzles. Gain a damage reduction effect temporarily upon receiving a control effect. But you would take the AoE hits, Heat Blast with this skill, you will be able to summon a satellite to inflict heavy damage on nearby enemies and inflict Delay effect, SPI Landmine with this skill, Gunslinger places a landmine to trap the enemies and inflict explosion. Started playing as Gunslinger in Dragon Raja and wondering how to build properly and which gems to use? Most of the puzzles will require us to use the Third Eye skill before we can see the puzzle or clues.Our character will talk and give us clues as to what we should be doing inside the Rift, so keep an eye on the character dialogue pop-ups. So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Gunslinger build, gems, skills & talents guide info. Dragon Raja Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Mistralis based on the Dragon Raja novels by Korean writer Lee Yeongdo. In four minutes, check the four key points either by using the in-game map or just by following these coordinates: 331, 308, then 298,262, followed by 296,245, and finally 329,404 down by the Cassell College gates. Gemini will copy all action of the player, including Witch's Kiss, Time Lock, and Recall Light. Create an alchemy circle of a certain radius, dealing heavy damage to random enemies per second within the area, and cannot miss. The Rifts show up as a glowing, blinking sparkly purple spot in the game world. Drag skill button to choose attack direction. As always, there are some requirements for you to trigger this tale, which could be something like player level 90 and server level 95, so dont try to get to it before its time. Arbiter of Peace (Set I) using this skill, you can knock away surrounding enemies and inflict physical damage. It was inhabited by eight Great Clans. Before going for another bit of time travel, you can ask Alfred I wanna know about the grail if you want to. Well, now you can with the Dragon Raja Cup of Time Gold Tale. Subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter to be the first to learn about the latest giveaways and features! After reading, share your thoughts about Bell with Adele. Gunslinger is a pretty good class in Dragon Raja if you are a solo player, Gunslinger can help you clear the waves of enemies thanks to the long-ranged high DPS attacks. Pulsing WInd skill to increase the duration of Wind Shots Wind Mark. Gunslinger is one of the popular classes in the Dragon Raja game. Gold required for Class Qualification increases after each unlocked class, but transferring classes won't cost any gold. Follow the footprints until the next glowing spot (201,170), interact, then go down to the seashore and follow the footprints until you find a sneaky man (130,94). Then, talk to Adele and start another journey into the past. Most of the puzzles will require us to use the. In the advanced tab of Gunslingers profile, you will see Gunslingers main element. This puzzle requires us to have the Third Eye skill active, otherwise the puzzle itself will be invisible. Increased magic attack when in a pact with an ally.

Right ahead of you is Adele and Owen, talk to her (330,309). For Gunslinger, you have to focus on its Physical attack and CRIT level. When the HP of the player and target is affected by. Hourglass. When pact is in effect, decreases damage taken by both the player and ally. You can open the map to see where you need to go, or use the coordinates: one is 223,256, two is 150,197, and three is 129,92. Ranged attacks with the gun are amazing! Dragon Raja Mobile Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Concealment to gain DMG reduction upon using Stealth Camouflage skill. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. Let the group leave and move to your next spot (149,197). Forms a pact with an ally. Feel free to share your Dragon Raja best Blade Master build, gems recommendation in the comment section below. Tell Adele I found something and then ask Alfred Did you do it?. Talk to him and then suddenly a shadow strangely looking a lot like Alfred appears and slays the man. These entrances will appear as an odd black fluffy ball once we activate our Third Eye skill (circled in purple below).Interact with the entrance to enter. This post was last updated in October 2020. With high DPS stats, Gunslinger class inflicts massive AoE and single target damage to the opponents. Charging Core to increases all damage, B-Level Talent: -Explosive Rounds to increase the effect of Pulse Bomb skill. Absorbing a heal rune has a chance to reset all skill cooldowns. There is a variant of this where we have to talk to an npc inside a cube, break the enchantment and kill bats that show up. Check Bells files and go down to Cassell Colleges gates, where Alfred and Owen and standing (329,404).

S-Level Talent: Focused Bombardment for hits. On taking lethal damage, heal allies within a distance. When youre ready, tap the interaction icon near the briefcase to read Adeles notebook, and then talk to her to start time traveling. Increased side(?) Their damage received will increased by 20% for 5 seconds. (). Causes time to flow in reverse, causing allies' wounds to heal and returning combat statuses and vitalities to full. Youll travel to a time when Bell was still alive and standing right in front of you, but before you go and say hi, go talk to Ryan. Also, Gunslinger is pretty easy to master. Then use normal attacks or Pulse Bomb to trigger Wind Blast, Arbiter of Peace can help you knock away the surrounding enemies and make an escape, Cannon Skill to inflict massive physical damage, Stealth Camouflage with this skill, you can go invisible, clears the CC effects and increase the defense. Multiple transformations within a short period of time will greatly reduce transformation duration. We have reached the end of this Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale guide, which rewards you with a Gold Tale, 10 Anecdote points, the TimeTravelWitness title, and the Mr. Bunnys Dream Moment Frame. A-Level Talent: -Fragment Mine to increase CRIT chance from SPI Landmine. Players enter a world where, a t the beginning of time, the god Zebus created the mysterious Dragoon Continent, a vast land of great mountains and deserts. If you click on a link and sign up for a game we may receive a small commission. Also, this restores the energy and puts a Wind Mark for a few seconds. If you roll an odd number everything will disappear. If we find these Rifts, we can use our vision skill, These entrances will appear as an odd black fluffy ball once we activate our.

Frost blast released by Gemini will slow the damaged target and decrease their magic damage.

The effect can stack max 5 times. Switching between the 2 sets is unnecessary when in auto-combat.