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The lash points create a very tight meld of the pack to the additions so things dont flop around as you walk. My service was in the 90s before the Molly system gear came out. Weekly reviews, exclusive deals, giveaways, and more: 4 lb 13.5 oz. Tens of thousands of troops never touch their ruck. Some Soldiers use a heavy duty garbage bag , but I prefer the wet weather bag as it is much more durable. Let me reiterate what "Anonymous hiker stated", This is junk! This is great. The sleep system issued at the time was great but rather bulky. As long as they remove the integrated air items for the NAPs to reduce weight, I think it would be an excellent ruck to field to all the BCTs. The US Army MOLLE II Rucksack is a great option for an all around outdoor, bushcraft or survival backpack that will serve you serve you for the long haul. I need to buy you a beer THE U.S. ARMY MILITARY MOLLE PACK IS A GOOD PACK FOR CAMPING, HUNTING, HIKING,A ND IT'S MODULAR. Size: 3000 CUBIC INCHES He had run across a sources sought notice from earlier this year. Contentsweight Empty pack weight Load on legs % wt transfer to hips Load on torso (slash) shoulders30 2 32 10% 28.830 5 35 20% 28.030 10 40 50% 20.0. +616 I've had plenty of cheaper zippers break on me so I prefer the drawstring. I would estimate that you can fairly easily add another 500 cubic inches inside the snow collar that can project above the normal top of the pack. Height of Owner: 5'4'' Both comments and pings are currently closed. The MOLLE pretty much eliminates that problem. Your E-Tool will also get muddy when you get to your final destination and have to dig fighting positions. February 16, 2004. Dummy Cord It: How to Tie Down Gear You Dont Want to Lose! One would usually add a 1600 cubic inch sleep system carrier below the main pack. Mine broke in two places and that was just the result of airline baggage handlers. This helps with the balancing act mentioned earlier. Left strap marker is ammo related, an A is rifle ammo in bandolier, M, is a bandolier of loaded mags, 5 is a saw drum, 7 is a 240 belt, etc. And I can easily carry a closed cell foam sleeping pad when needed and inside the pack rather than lashed on. 1st SFAB Trains and Certifies Military Advisors for Worldwide Employment, MDM 19 Blue Force Gear Stackable Ten-Speed Pouch. The ruck sack weighs 8pounds, making it a bit on the heavy side for civilian use. Load Carried: 30 pounds You can check the price on Amazon byclicking here. If you dont overfill the MOLLE above its natural top level, all of the pack is below neck level. CBRNE (NBC ) is coming back, that eats up a lot of large ruck. My two sons have been using them for the last 10 years and hard use too. That forces you to lean very far forward to balance the mass. I usually had a prc 119 radio, some sort of spare machine gun barrel or pioneer gear strapped to this pack at all times. Anyone who gives this pack a good rating or spends money on it has no clue. I put my army sleep system in the bivy bag, then stuff that in the compression sack it comes with. It is fair to say that some of the weight of the pack is devoted to more durability than we are likely to need, its nice to know that a pack failure is VERY unlikely to spoil your trip. Our company was given 45x or so constructed of 500D fabric and 45x in 1000D. Feel free to contact me with questions. That 500D doesnt hold up is pretty funny considering ALICE was made from parapack nylon. First, it's very comfortable.

Height of Owner: 5' 10" & 21" torso You want the weight to pull down not back on the shoulder straps. And everything they had to carry didnt fit inside of it. Imagine my chagrin when we are suddenly told to displace and I reach for my ammo- and tripod-laden MOLLEonly to yank on the strap and unfurl a foot of nylon before the pack even begins to lift off the ground! No feminine napkins???? Probably the best answer would be split it between the sustainment pouches. Orders placed by 1 PM eastern time ship out same day in most cases! LTC Terry Baldwin (USA, Ret) contributed to this report. This is a genuine U.S. Army issue rucksack, as issued to hundreds of thousands of Soldiers worldwide. BEAR IN MIND TO PACK ITEMS YOU WILL SOON NEED TOWARD THE TOP. Tiny A-Packs for the biggest military campaigns of all time. The ultimate backpack for all your needs, CIF Turn-In, field operations, camping, hiking, hunting, and all other outdoor activity. That is why the ILBE had different belt sizes. THE PACK COMES IN WOODLAND CAMO AND CAN BE PURCHASED AT WWW.SPECIALTYDEFENSE.COM.MOLLE STAND FOR Modular Llghtweight LOAD-carrying EQUIPMENT. Load Carried: 67lbs Price Paid: $75, Trr15 No need to replace the pack just simply repair or replace the frame, main pack, kidney pad, or shoulder straps and you are back in business. The MOLLE avoids high and low weight by having a front-to-back dimension (particularly in the sleep system carrier) which is much deeper than on any other pack Ive seen. i took my old large ALICE and put molle ribbing all over it. Packing an extra set of boots is OVERKILL. Place your camelback at the top of the ruck with the straw over your right shoulder and hooked to the right shoulder strap for easy access during the march. We have a Gen IV and it is good to ~90kgs (factory rating). Does NOT include load lifter straps or other accessories. i should have just watied for this to come out. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Design: RUCKSACK May 10, 2022. Find the best backpack for your next outdoor adventure using our independent reviews and ratings. Height of Owner: 5'9'' There is webbing all over as one would expect from a mil-spec bag. This feature worried me until I learned that the pack is designed to allow it to be easily packed with high-weight items kept high and close to the back and high-volume items to fill the lower and rearward parts of the pack. I wish theyd incorporated more of the medium MOLLE belt DNA into the larger packs. Our staff can be reached anytime during normal business hours at 757-95-888. And for gods sake break down your MREs and ditch all the garbage youre not going to eat. If you have to spend your own money on this, look elsewhere! I like my hipbelt quite tight, and always previously have slowly had buckles that seem to allow just enough movement that the belt gradually loosens perceptibly, allowing the weight to gradually shift away from the hips and back onto the shoulders.

Ensure your poncho is handy, so at the ORP you can pull it out and cover your rucksack if it is raining (make sure to tuck it all the way around your ruck). As a Marine I have other serious problems with the gear too. or review a different product, Bill +373 See below for my summer packing list, modify it for winter by adding intermediate sleeping bag, and some snivel gear. I use 100 mile an hour tape on foot powder, ibuprofen, and shaving cream. Our biggest elevation gain was about 4000 feet from the base on my NC trip, with many peaks in there. Thats a great point. Price Paid: Issue, Nathan G. Size: Medium Top 50 That configuration is probably well over 110 Liters (but I would find it awkward). Number of Pockets: 3 bagsearth Once again, the picture of my pack at middle right on page 1 illustrates this. The mountainous terrain especially exacerbates the weight. And also a lot of 500D-ish fabric in government contracts was NOT gen-u-wine Cordura brand, but a cheap substitute (thinking of the old late 80s-90s Field Pack, Large knock-off iteration of the Lowe LOCO). As it says in the article going to infantry BCTs only. Balance: I have always preferred external frame packs, but I always acknowledged the truth of one of the standard criticisms of external frame packs that the load tended to shift around too easily. I particularly liked the ability to increase days in the backcountry between resupplies. Inside the main pack is an optional internal radio pouch, which can be firmly attached centered high and tight to your back, and where you can insert your bearcan filled with your heaviest items (usually food). Not durable at all. Lastly, nothing says "newbie" more than 8 straps dangling off your ruck. I am currently preparing for a series of rucks and this is driving me crazy. If you want a good military ruck get an ALICE pack. If for any reason there is an issue with the item, please reach out to our staff members and they will be more than glad to assists you and answer any questions you may have. An MRE in one of the sustainment pouches is also a good idea. In my experience, the buckle on the hipbelt is often a weak point on transferring weight to the hips. I keep handy a water bottle, map, compass, GPS (or cell phone), altimeter, pencil and pen, notepaper, suntan lotion, mosquito repellant, sunglasses, binoculars (or camera), and Spot Tracker, all in distinct locations on the hipbelt, shoulder straps or sternum strap. No more rides to the fight and then back to the FOB and ice cream in the DFAC. 4. The MOLLE is too big for one. Price Paid: issue. +3 Misc. miles of webbing.) How many times have I seen a young trooper soaked with his busted camelback and leaky water hose. If you are prone to overpack this pack can trap you into doing so. Height of Owner: 6'0"

Rucking is a small part of ROTC fitness. Relatively comfortable and fits all body types. If your boots get wet, you wear them till they dry. Need more? On my recent nine-day Grand Canyon trip, this once required me to take the pack off to take it through a narrow area between two big rocks on either side of the trail. Do you have any pictures of your pack you could show others in your review?

This is just from my experience but while molded belts are great but cannot have repeated/ extended bending to the foam without damage. Size: 3500 + 1000 + x They also tend to balance oddly. If you make the pack top heavy you are more liable to fall over to one side or the other if you lose balance. It has a very sturdy plastic external frame which conforms well to the shape of the back, a generous set of harness (slash) shoulder straps, a well-padded waist belt and a 3000 cu inch capacity main pack including a front pocket. The particular components that for the basis of the above review are listed below. Max. Number of Pockets: Alot ww2 rucksack veshmeshok The old-fashione humble plastic green 1 qt canteen with Vietnaam stlyle no NBC cap bottle cap is the best and wont break or leak ever! Sign Up for Exclusive offers and Deals from Army Navy Outdoors. People assume that I am nuts to hike with a backpack that weighs over 10 lbs empty, but I thought Id outline what I like about the MOLLE II backpack. I have a question, were on the rucksack do i apply the lubricant to stop the squeaking.

Keeping the camelback at the top of the ruck provides better flow. Price Paid: issued, anonymous They are quite sturdy. Also, the belts being corrugated allows a one size fits most approach. Also, my Gerber LMF II knife fits perfectly on the waist belt using the MOLLE attachments. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Consider NOT having every man carry an E-tool.

Approximately 5,000 cubic inch capacity (without sustainment pouches), Sustainment Pouches (Optional) add 500 cubic inches, each, to total capacity, Completely customizable modular MOLLE system, MOLLE assault pack- and waist pack-compatible (Not Included). The ACU rucksack main bag is large enough to hold your gear with a total of 5000 Cubic inches divided into a main and lower compartment each having easy access to get what you need. The frame is the weakest link in this system.

This is a question that gets asked by all infantrymen at some point in their career. The side sustainment pouches also provide easy access to gear. If you have some tips or disagree with anything I have come up with let me know in the comments below. But it was only that once, and the Grand Canyon trails involve more narrow passages than trails in the Sierra. I personaly like this rucksack, it is more comfortable than past packs like the Alice Pack. Dan Field repair kits for buckles are also readily available online. So, Id have to either dump the ruck to get to it or fight with that bottom zipper and try to wrestle it out. I like this pack. canvas backpack cotton rucksack bag yepbag There are indeed a lot of straps, but the compression straps are well placed. Take 30 minutes, and read TM 10-8465-236-10 (MOLLE II) and learn the tools of your trade. On the front were 4 additional 1 litre water bottles with either 30 rounds of 5.56mm ammo in the blister packs on the small outer pouch or trail mix, jerky etc. Price Paid: ISSUED, Morgan Ive used a modified, large ALICE ruck with this frame and molle waist belt for a few years now and absolutely love it over the current issued ruck. The US Army MOLLE II Rucksack was the new generation from the ALICE system designed to be a lighter more comfortable pack for longer missions. The NSN numbers, in particular, will identify the particular version I reviewed. This time, when I have to go traipsing around the mountains near Pakistan, I take along my good old ALICE pack. Today the full size ACU Ruck is great for any outdoor adventure or survival. Mine has just the main pack and sleeping bag attachment, and that left a ton of room on my short trip in the spring. Load Carried: 80-90 lbs A couple dry athletic shoe inserts for the bottom of your soggy boots are golden on a late night watch after rucking all day. Max. 20-years in Combat Arms, 7 in the Infantry and 13-years in Special Forces. As an Australian Artillery Forwarded Observer Signaller I had extra F89 (S.A.W in U.S. speak) on the sides of my pack for extra ammo, glow sticks, Smoke grenades, marker panel set either side mid way down. Need to pack it so that weight stays forward, but design accommodates that need. March 31, 2005. Max. Add your own review When I started winter camping I started to need a higher volume pack and usually heavier weights. I found no efficient way to combat this phenomenon. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt. I realized that some stuff wasnt all that heavy, but added volume beyond what a smaller pack would accommodate. It does not absorb water like Nylon (which is what kills plastic parts in below freezing environments). New Molle II Rucksack Frame for Official Army Large Ruck, ACU MOLLE Rucksack Waist Belt, Military Surplus, ACU MOLLE II Rucksack Main Pack, Military Surplus, USMC FILBE Issue Complete Rucksack, Military Surplus, ACU Assault 3-Day MOLLE II Backpack, Military Surplus, USMC Issue FILBE 3 Day Assault Pack, Used, U.S. Issue Large ALICE Pack, Military Surplus, USMC FILBE Loadout Combo Pack, Military Surplus, ACU FLC Fighting load carrier vest Kit, Military Surplus. (I try to avoid high-loading it and rarely have to.). With those numbers, that what it seems like. How did the armed forces get this forced down their throat? Not bad for what you pay for it these days, more for mountaineering than backpacking and thru-hikes. and Comments (RSS). I ran in this pack and hiked probably a few hundred miles over the course of those 6 months. There are too many straps and not enough organization. While you have your rucksack on, bounce and jiggle with it listening for any noise. It also appears, from a separate slide briefing that it is being considered not only for Airborne units but also as a possible Service-wide replacement for the Molle Large. Click the link above to download it. (See the middle picture on the first page) This also allows you to look over your shoulder when you want to look at something behind you (e.g., a person you are hiking with, or a sound thats interesting). For the $45 that I paid, it was a good value. The ruck is water resistant, but I always waterproof my gear, as I explain in my tips section below. As noted above, a variety of add-on pouches are available. Thanks for sharing your first review. This system is the current Field Pack Set issued to the US Army. Price Paid: Issued, mountainman_270 How does your war belt and body armor work with it. The parts that might wear out with heavy use (hipbelt, shoulder harness) can readily be replaced from available online sources. With pull out the old pack and up load the pouch configuration and emal a photo soon. You can see the newer modification of the pack at the link below (though the prices quoted at this site are way higher than you can find elsewhere for the earlier version reviewed in the attachment),,, Assembly instructions, which will also give you a good view of the pack, are available in this video: There are variations on the basic MOLLE design for various purposes, various camouflage patterns, and some changes over time. This a good enough backpack for civilian use. frame, shoulder straps & hipbelt, 8 lbs 9.5 oz. Also, you can probably let your grandchildren inherit it someday. If you buy it, it will generally arrive as components that you must assemble yourself. There are newer and better frames that are stronger polymers than the original. Height of Owner: 6'2" (Platoon daddy Pouch) anonymous All Rights Reserved. If we assume that the minimal pack weighs 2 lbs, the well-designed conventional pack weighs 5 lbs, and with this pack at 10 lbs, the following loads would apply if one filled the pack with 30 lbs of gear, food and water and makes the assumptions below re weight transfer. Pack an extra pair of laces and save the weight. I also found that once I had a higher volume pack, I was less likely to leave home things I like: a piece of pumice, foot powder and other things that werent heavy but were bulky. +41 If you dont need a bearcan, the radio pouch can just be filled directly with higher weight items. Once the lower compartment is full with things you wont need until nighttime, set the pack upright (it will stay upright on the base created by the sleep system). This helps eliminate heavier items from shifting during the packing process. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9240781124933864", The ruck sack has a capacity of 4,000 cubic inches by itself, add in two sustainment pouches on the sides at 500 cubic inches each and that's a total of 5,000 cubic inchesa lot of room for your pogey bait. Max. Height of Owner: 6'0" Load Carried: Can't handle 75 lbs. If executing in the winter I would add some army snivel gear and possibly the intermediate army sleeping bag if it is cold enough to warrant the extra weight. The carrying handle on top works well. Number of Pockets: Alot 3. I got so tired of disassembling the pack to install a new frame, that I used gorilla tape to repair the last one and that lasted to the end of training. Height of Owner: 5'8", anonymous If you use the two side sustainment pouches, your pack will be somewhat wider (left to right) than your shoulders. Easy to rig as well, loved the integrated straps and storage enclosure. They are good budget friendly packs for hiking and hunting. I'm going to purchase another one in digital camo. The drawstring method of closing the main & sleeping bag compartments is excellent. You don't have to line up the sides when closing it, and it's quicker to open and close. add 1600 cu in sleep system, 9 lbs 3 oz. Especially since the baseplate of the mortar must be strapped to the back of the pack for long distance movements. Max. click here to see current prices on Amazon. All Rights Reserved. I agree with 1P above that they need to ditch the built in air items. Then stop leak powder! I own the MOLLE II ruck, sleep system carrier, and patrol pack. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ Over the next few minutes, I am going to share with you some wisdom that I have learned over the course of 19 years in the Army. I inadvertently put is down once on some volcanic rock that would have torn any normal fabric, and I couldnt even see any abrasion. Price Paid: $45, JJ The second glaring disadvantage is the sheer amount of strap material. Also, because of the way the straps are connected to the frame, soldiers would torque the frame too much when trying to adjust the setup of the main pouches and it would snap. on Thursday, September 19th, 2019 at 13:00 and is filed under Contracts, Packs, Parachuting. There you have it 19 of the best tips I can come up with for packing a ruck sack. Boots are not light, and when was the last time your boots broke? Pack your Ranger rolls (underwear, socks, and t-shirts) in Ziploc bags, then sit on them to help squeeze the air out and zip up while sitting on them. This moves your center of gravity upward and also creates a problem when you have to walk in trees with branches just above head level. Bullet womb! The polymer frame is designed to flex and move with your body. Ultimately you want to avoid greater weight all on one side or the other, which will put extra stress on one side of your body. These are items I want to access without the need to stop and take off my pack. The frame is so stiff and the weight transfer so solid, that the pack just sticks to your back like glue (while still allowing air circulation, keeping you back cooler). The weight is thus close to your back, while the volume is in the back. June 28, 2009. The critical weakness of this pack really is the plastic frame. The design of the main compartment is not conducive to the inclusion of most comm gear. I already go hiking for long miles and interested in buying a rucksack to condition my body for ROTC. Boots are not light, and when was the last time your boots broke? This looks great, but do we really need to replace every ruck? If I'm fortunate enough to harvest an elk this fall, I'll use this as my daypack and switch to my freighter frame to quarter it out. My old BN (1-505) was one of the first to receive these for large scale testing. Sulfur powder? We'll send 2-3 emails a month to include sale announcements, new products newsletters, and any discounts! The first (and most glaring) disadvantage is the shoddy construction of the plastic frame. Who wants to carry that crap around all the time? Cool to see the Army is going in the direction that some of us were making ourselves since 2014 lol! June 1, 2017.

It has a great deal of modularity allowing more added components using the PALS attachment system. Design: rucksack 7. Beyond the weight issue, it performed admirably. If they are straps you need to adjust later use a cut piece of bicycle inner tube (Ranger Bands) or a rubber band to hold them rolled up. While lighter, the 500D packs did not hold up as well. TOP25REVIEWER The shoulder straps also have a new 4-point connection arrangement above the envelope pad. It gets a '5' for value and a '3' for usability from me, with an overall rating of '4'. August 7, 2005. The frame and suspension are very comfortable and hold up well. Fort Campbell Air Assault School Packing List, Why you Need a Camp Stove: Tips, Reviews, Recipes. Somebody P.M. me! Your entrenching tool should be placed on the bottom side opposite your heavier gear on your tactical vest (IOTV or FLC). He has also hauled whole quarters out with it and no issues. The frame is not strong enough to stand up to the abuse of field operations. Looks good, but will it hold up to extreme cold climates. This pack would have been a value at twice what I paid for it. The Army is looking to build more of its new MOLLE 4000 Airborne Rucksacks. It weighs a ton.

The new MOLLE Rucksack for Airborne and General Purpose Forces [ emphasis added] is a Government-owned design. Price Paid: ISSUE, anonymous Place items you may need during your march at the top of a sustainment pouch or in the top flap for quick access. I still prefer lighter civilian packs like Osprey, which only weighs slightly over 4 lbs and has an AG suspension harness. unisex External Frame Backpacks. I was worried, of course, by the added weight on the pack. I prefer to keep some items within easy reach. The result is a weight distribution that keeps the center of gravity as close as possible to your natural center of gravity with a pack. Just add sustainment pouches, medical, ammo or any other MOLLE II compatible gear for extra space and quick access. The MOLLE Pack is great. This allows the heavier items to rest toward the bottom and against your back, reducing stress on your shoulders. Number of Pockets: too many add internal radio pouch to main pack. The interior of the main compartment of the rucksack has a pouch for carrying a radio / hydration bladder or other similarly sized equipment. And also a lot of 500D-ish fabric in government contracts was NOT gen-u-wine Cordura brand, but a cheap substitute (thinking of the old late 80s-90s Field Pack, Medium knock-off iteration of the Lowe LOCO). I managed to hold on to mine and I still use it all the time in the civilian world. But the version reviewed, with a separate sleep system carrier below the main bag, is the one generally now available for sale cheaply on the Internet at present. Design: Rucksack The LBV is great. Keeping it outside the ruck will help keep other gear clean. You want that mass near the bodies center of mass and for men that is near the center of the chest, not the waist or hips. The pack hassome nuisances (ie. Definitely need to do some research. Thats it, put a handful of dry laundry detergent in a ziploc bag and wash out your T-shirt and socks when you are near fresh water. While I would put any down gear in a waterproof sack where I have a risk of falling into a stream, the pack protects my gear well in pretty heavy rain. Not just a little heavy. We love the modular ability that allows you to replace any of the parts as needed. This will allow you to unzip the quick access panel at the bottom, jerk out your sleeping bag and grab ammo quickly. +14 While this factor applies most strongly in the winter, it is nice even in shoulder season backpacking to include pretty bulky fleece wear. It would be nice if we could all, at least somewhat around the coming wear out date, get the appropriate patterned kit. It's large enough to hold a lot of snacks, gear, etc. Note that different camouflage patterns have different NSNs these are for desert tan: Packframe (tan) NSN 8465-01-519-6440 DEI P (slash) N #1603 manufactured by Down East, Inc. (I also own an earlier, slightly different, version of the frame in black plastic NSN 8465-01-465-2158), Shoulder straps NSN 8465-01-491-7513 SP0100-04-D-4183-0007 Lot No 1 manufactured by Specialty Defense Systems, Molded Waistbelt NSN 8465-01-491-7429 SP0100-04-D-4183-0007 Lot No 1 manufactured by Specialty Defense Systems including Blast buckle imprinted with ITW NEXUS ILL 4 Patented, Main pack 3000 cu inch capacity NSN#8465-01-491-7519 SP0100-04-D-4183-0001, Sleep System Carrier 1600 cu inch capacity NSN# 8465-01-491-7508 SP0100-04-D-4184 (slash) 0001 Date: M10-5-05 (the second-bought MOLLE), Radio pouch (internal to the main pack) approx 430 cu inch capacity NSN 8465-01-491-7446, 2 Sustainment pouches 500 cu inch capacity each NSN 8465-01-491-7511, Canteen (slash) general purpose pouch (I wear this mounted on the hipbelt for binoculars, compass and mosquito repellant) NSN 8465-01-494-0272; 200-round SAW gunner pouch (alternative to canteen pouch), administrative pouch (for maps and writing material) and 2 versions of grenade pouches (fit sunglasses, suntan lotion and Spot Tracker), Not reviewed, but I also own: Pack cover (IMHO, useless); Waist Pack (aka fanny pack) NSN 8465-01-491-7445 SP0100-04-D-4183-0003 Lot No 1 manufactured by Specialty Defense System: Replacement Buckle Set NSN 8465-01-465-2080.