diablo 2 sorceress frozen orb chain lightning build

With that being said I was wonder what the better option is between Fire/Orb or Light/Orb for a low geared sorceress in hell. Orb+fball. Putting both together is nothing but disaster. In case their are any newbies reading thisDO NOT DO THIS. Triple elemental is the classic noob trap. Does Thunderstorm act as a synergie for Chain Lightning?.. FOs damage may look low in surface, but it is the damage per ice bolt, not the whole skill, and mobs can take multiple ice bolt damage, this it is deem to be best skill for dual specting you technically just need 21 pts and you get yourself a decent damaging spell. It seems to always be ice/fire or lightning by itself. Not really. You can just place your blizz and run/tele circling over the same spot and after a while you will learn how to place your blizz. You will suffer a huge loss to damage. I love my Loghtning+frozen orb sorc and I do not use Infinity and I dont need it, This post was edited by Bushmani on Oct 24 2021 03:47am, This post was edited by Lofus553 on Oct 24 2021 04:41am. Yes i can and i will cause youre wrong. Even if you want to go combo, meteor+fireball would over perform your 20 pts blizoh wait, i am already doing that with meteor+fireball+orb build. meteor > although high damage awful skill to use, quite hard to hit with, fireball > although a decet skill most stuff is fire immune in hell and aoe isnt great, Forb > you find yourself using this most of the time since too many mosters are fire immune, but this is considered as a back up spell and not synergized and your cold mastery with 1 pt+skills isnt too beefed up to reduce monster cold resistance to -100. This doesn't work on bosses, but it does on minions. Lightning is not good to split. You must log in or register to reply here. If they are immune to both you can skip or have merc take them out.

Lightning/Chain Lightning take a fair amount of points until they get pretty strong, and unless you are a decent level you wont have enough points to max Frozen Orb, get Cold Mastery to -100, AND max Lightning + Chain Lightning + Lightning Mastery. Blizzard has ice shard dropped around your mouse pointer in a semi random way, and ppl did a calculation with stationed monster only 4 shards will hit on large size mob, 3 for m8d size and 2 for small size mob, and theres a chance on mob dodging all of the attacks when moving, especially at high speed. You could go pure Lightning, but without Infinity you wouldnt be able to kill the Dark Archers that can spawn near her since they are Lightning Immune. Thanks for your help. Your fireball equals 0 damage when you facing fire immune. The interesting thing with lightning is that I havent found many mobs as of yet (Ive not completed hell) that have both ice and lighting immunity. Actually, a sorceress using Nova with a 105 fcr bp will often run out of mana as well. Chance of missing? Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. You'll see it on a few bosses though since there are plenty of mods that give over 100% resists when combined. You will always be handicaped with FO cause it scales worse with better gear and while undergeared youre still screwed cause as dual ele you cant use both at the same time cause of global cooldowns. I figured I'd be throwing 2x SoJs and Frosties on the sorc pretty quick. If you have any decent control then fireball blizzard will be much better all the way up to Infinity. If you have a budget soso go full cold (preferably blizzard) until you can afford the items required to build a lightning one (y'know, the funds for an infinity). Best hybrid build? With the number of cold/fire immune mobs Ive encountered, I suggest putting some points into all 3. and it can keep monsters busy while your merc works away. You will be too weak in all areas if you split to 3, And you have static which easily eliminates 50% life of cold/fire immune. On the other hand, FO is more direct, anything on its path would receive damage, and the biggest damage comes from the moment giant ice ball exploding, if you can catch the distance, you can create a pretty good damage with FO. FO gives consistance ice damage toward fire immune with a single mouse click while your bliz has to dance around for a perfect spot which could still risking on miss damage. You just cut your DPS in half this way. If you play dual ele sorc and you even consider 1:1 scenarios outside of boss fights then youre doing it all wrong. I will say I have ok gear, not the best but ok. and fire ball is going 5K dmg, meteor is doing 15K and ord is only at 500 but does that job to kill cold immunes, Yeah but orbs actual damage output is sheet dmg x 44 (max) if all bolts hit, However realistically you wont hit with all but around 25-30 is a reasonable average, Also factor in the -cold resistance from mastery which can up to double the damage, Try Firewall Blizzard, both very high damage, good range. Capping dps? The mana issues a chain lightning sorceress will face cannot be overstated IMO. Blizzard damage is not split over its duration and its damage/shards DO STACK UP .

Both fireball and blitz are skill points intensive. Although its synergy is 2% only, with 20 points that makes 40% which does incrase it quite a bit, You need to practice hitting with orb to inflict max damage (if you spam it from too far you wont kill much), And firewall is great for back up for the cold immunes which has 7,5-8 k dmg for me (i maxed warmth not fire mastery) and i can equip merc obedience for even greater dmg to cold immunes since i dont need his insight anymore (you dont need it much in combat with timered spells but), had fireball before and it had around 2-2,2 k dmg but it is not a good cold immune backup skill since (1) you have to kill nearly one by one (2) fireball is hard aim at the immune since something always gets in its path to the cold immune > for this reason even though i havent tried myself blizzballer imho would not be a favorable build for me, f fireball is main attack and orb is backup it is a different story, BTW u can spam fireball when orb is in cooldown but its coolsown is so short not really worth it because then you probably woud be casting the 2nd orb later which would decrease overall dmg, Yes and about, Meteorb the undisputed cookie cutter sorc build of all times > i dont like it either You get the folliwing skil, As a result i recommend ORb / firewall any day for a dual setup. If you only have 20 pts, investing in FO has a much higher benefit than blizzard in term of point/dmg ratio. ORB stinks cause of shared cooldowns which cuts down your potential DPS by a lot. With some faster cast rate items you can spam multiple fireballs while blizzard is on cooldown and melt down everything and everywhere in the game with decent physical Merc. I think something is left out of this discussion the importance of Faster Cast. JavaScript is disabled. Otherwise it's not very feasible to build a dual.

I am currently running a ice orb, fireball, and mentor build i found on icy veins and I cant complain at the moment. Do you think she should be able to handle hell by herself? I personally havn't seen a lot of lightning + cold immunes, but then again I never saw lightning immunes until I made a trapper. Orb lighting or Orb Fire? Chance of missing from bliz is far greater than FO. With the number of cold/fire immune mobs Ive encountered, I suggest putting some points into all 3. Hello all, I wanna make a orb-light sorc. I got 3 Sorcs, full Blizzard , Orb + Firewall and Light. So Orb/Lightning is a viable way to farm Countess without Infinity and without needing to rely on a merc. You'll just have to let your merc take them out. However, a tactic I don't see too often (but would be cool) is that there are rings and amulets with charges of the Attract skill. As in orb lightning or orb fire, that would really depends on which location you decide to be your farmland. It's easy to fall into the warmth trap early on in the game since most sorceresses need a lot of mana potions until they've reached the 60's, where their items and their total mana pool can handle all the stuff they're dishing out. You just need to L2P and consider grouping more then just one single enemy at once. Are you trolling? I had no issues soloing up to lvl 93 with blizzball. You will never use another character which chews through so much mana so quickly. The whole idea around duel spec is to handle immunity, otherwise i can just pump all points into 1 source of damage and make it overpowered everywhere. No reason to gimp yourself like this. While blizz is doing damage over time and shares global cooldown like FORB you can just melt/stun everything with fireball. There are no individual monster types with 2 immunities. Orbn shares CD with almost everything and you cant supplement it with anything really to actually profit from your dual ele spec all the time. I am new to Sorceress and I am am not close to getting an Infinity anytime soon. Blizz deals multiple hits over time just like the Orb but stacks up placed damage way better, scales way better with +skills from multiple single pointers and on top of that you can use it with fireball which is super crazy overpowered and fun to use while blizz is on cooldown. Thanks. Wonderful. I think my gear will go something like this. The only problem is With Orb/Lightning if you do a typical 20 points in Orb and Cold Mastery to -100 with your +skills, unless you have really good gear (so you can shift some points from Cold Mastery over to the Lightning tree) youll tend to end up with kinda weak Lightning damage until you get up in the 85+ range. Brilliant. ..Wouldn't it be awesome if I could find an Ormus with +3 Chain Lightning? All you need is 20 Blizz and 1 Cold Mastery and just some +skills to bump it up. oblivion rework For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Lightning Sorcs use a lot of mana, but you don't necessarily need more warmth. ..One last question. Adding 20% more to your mana pool will regenerate mana just as fast as getting 20% more from your warmth skill, since your mana ball fills at the same speed. You definately want more points in the lightning tree than the cold tree. You can practice all you want to hopefully increase cgance of hitting, but you cant deny the fact that the amount of ice shad drop semi randomly and there will always be a chance to miss. The biggest con for FO is its distance, other than that FO is decent. I'd say stick with 1 point +skills and only add points to warmth once you've reached the max that your mana pool will be. 100 skill points required for your build; not taking into account the extra ones needed for teleport, warmth, shield etc. Firewall/Orb will destroy pretty much anything. Will her damage be up to par? Also you cant deny the fact that lv 20 bliz gives 655-711 dmg over the duration of 4 seconds, which means its average dmg is 341.5 per second, while lv 20 FO is 267-282 per ice bolt, and a mob would avergely got hit between 5 to 15 bolts per cast. That being said theres a fact FO favor towarfs single target while bliz favor towards group target or large size target, but if you only have 20 to 40 pts to spend, FO or full synergized FO would outcast blizzard or 1 synergized Bliz in most cases.

Ya attract would be cool. The main idea behind blizzard is to pair it with some other ultra fast spammable single target/area spell like fireball. The main benefit of Orb/Lighting is farming Countess IMO. This build sounds pretty fun. If youre planning on doing a big bunch of Countess runs, you probably dont want to be constantly standing around waiting for your merc to kill her on a pure cold or cold/fire sorc.